मकैकाे खाजा यसरी बनाउनु हाेस चटपटी स्वादमा || Healthy Corn Snack || Sweet Corn Recipe

Namaste i’am Tsheten,i would like to welcome you all to my channel Today my recipe is very tasty corn snack Better than packet snack which we bought from market Healthy and easy to make at home Try at home i’am sure you will like it If you are new to my channel please consider subscribe Give a thumps up to this video Share with your friends and families Lets start to make this corn snack I’am using 2 corn cobs here You can boil corn cobs also Or you can do like me Which is easy way you can do Lets see what i’m using in masalas Small finely chopped ginger And 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped Salt according to your taste 1tsp chaat masala and little bit rock salt(birenun)optional 1 tsp red chilli powder 1 Tbs butter Or you can use any type of cooking oil 1/2 lemon juice and cilantro little bit 1and 1/2 cups of water need to boil first When water is ready add corn Add salt according to your taste Cover and cook for 10 minutes in medium flame Stir if necessary After 10 minutes turn off flame and take out corn in a plate and keep aside Heat up pan add butter Add garlic Add ginger Saute for a while After sauteing for 2 minutes now add boiled corn Add chilli powder Add chat masala and rock salt (birenun) Give a nice mix You can add more butter if you like buttery flavour in corn just like me So i’am adding 1Tsp butter more After frying far a while add cilantro Add lemon juice Mix it well Now it is ready to serve You can enjoy this healthy snack with your favourite drinks I hope you guys will like this recipe Please try this recipe and enjoy with your fav drinks As you can see my fav drink is milk tea so i’am having with this Thank you by/by

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