Speaker 1: The truth is guys, I’ll say stuff like getting your adrenaline going. But the truth is with me is that I’m super calm when I’m around an animal like this because being hyped up and full of energy is a bad thing. You’ve got to always be extremely aware of everything this animal is doing, Speaker 2: just legitimately the white rhino of the snake world, if you know what I mean. It’s going to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever done through the night. And we made it here to new England reptile distributors of course nerd and my buddy Kevin. So it’s going to be absolutely amazing. Go inside, see a bunch of cool snakes and of course meet that white Culver. I mean, that’s the reason we came in the first place. So we’re here with the legend here, Kevin. Uh, I will not embarrass you too much, but I will say, I think the best behaviors animal guy in the business, hands down and do thank you for having us, number one. Number two, uh, they just did a video on the animal. We’re about to meet. Link in the description. Go show it some love. Tell him Brian central. Speaker 1: the video. She’s nothing. She’s not the same. Same. She’s nice and healthy, but she’s like literally, she’s like psycho, you know, wants, wants you, wants to kill you. That kind of, it’s okay baby. It’s okay. No it’s not. It’s okay baby. Can I see you? Can I come see you? She is so beautiful. Okay baby. I got to get your tail baby. Come on, come up and she’ll actually come towards me. That’s one of the things you’ve got to work before you bought with Kings is that unlike most call rows now we’ll just kind of bluff like this. She’ll actually mock charge you. This is a crazy cool snake and I hate to say it, but this is the snake of my dream. I’m not going to lie to you right now, but it’s worth every penny hitting me. I shouldn’t say peg. It’s worth every thing to mess with this animal I need because this is on believable. Oh my gosh. Let’s take a look at her. So smart, so attentive, looking at me 100% but again you could see how a lot of cobras will be a little bit more stout. She’s going to stand up like this and like I said, she could come all the way to here with me. No problem if I mess with her too much. And the thing I love about King cobras too, they always have that, that cool growl. We’re not just kind of hit see that mock charge right there. That’s something that you won’t see too much from other cobras, but you’ll certainly see it from Kings and they’re very much motivated by motion and sight. The truth is guys, I’ll stuff like getting your adrenaline going, but the truth is with me is that I’m super calm when I’m around an animal like this because being hyped up and full of energy is a bad thing. You’ve got to always be extremely aware of everything this animal is doing and be aware enough to get away from it. Just like that. That’s like, that’s like a legendary animal. I mean like a King Cobra, but a white one. I mean there’s, there’s definitely gotta be like four core in the wild about something like that. Speaker 3: That’s right. So one thing I was thinking is, you know, like wouldn’t this, if we could cap no, a matching, like would you think like zoos and whatnot, having Lou sista King Cobra, you know, if you make captain borne ones of these, Speaker 1: Oh my gosh, you would be like, zoos would, I mean this is the best display animal in the world. Speaker 3: I would think that. So I didn’t really get it and that, you know, for just, just that, other than the fact that I just, I love King cobras and I wanted to try to breed her and see what happens. And it was very close for, I didn’t even get her because somebody else was going after it and I just offered more money. I was like, forget it. I’m like, like that night that I couldn’t sleep, I’m just like, forget it. I just, I have to do it and lock it up. Speaker 1: Yeah. I mean, dude, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean, you, you would, you would have died. Have you ever gave this opportunity away? You know, you couldn’t have lived with yourself. If you would’ve seen this in someone else’s collection, you would have cried every day. Do you ever see that bill Haas footage when he was on live TV and gets done by like a 14 foot King online TV? We’re going to be here for a little while longer during the us doing some other blogs here, showing us some of his amazing animals as well. But for now, there’s nothing else to say about this. I think I need a nap because I’m tired out emotionally. I’m not going to lie to you. So if you like this video, if you liked this video, please do me a favor and click on this video where I was playing with some other cobras and you could do a whole playlist down here, right on this side. And if you don’t mind, subscribe over here while you’re at it. Turn those post notification time. As for now, guys, have a wonderful day. Me and Lewis, we’re just going to play around a little while. I hope I’ll see you tomorrow. That was an amazing experience. And what an amazing animal. Lilith here definitely lives up to her name for sure. She is a beauty. We’re going to be here for a little while longer during the us doing some other vlogs here, showing us some of his amazing animals as well. But for now there’s nothing else to say about this book. I think I need a nap because I’m a tired out emotionally. I’m not going to lie to you. So if you liked this video that looks like Perdido Rick, this looks pretty like my girl made to her. Yeah, she is so good man. Oh look at that. Browns and yellows genes. You got one that I, Speaker 3: that I know has like some other stuff to it. I’m not telling you what I told them. I’d never breed her anyways. Yeah, I just, if something happened to her I would flip out, you know? I mean, she’s like, she’s like my, my everything when it comes to snakes and then you get bigger, bigger, black and beautiful too. Then here, hold this real quick man. There’s some God love these things man. Oh my God. Well, he breathed this size. Yes. She’s pretty cool. We’ll do that small man. I love these ones that have that. You know, just like just a little bit. Oh my gosh. Tell Roman Calvary and Kevin you were right dude. When you say, remember when you told me like there’s something about these that people just like, it doesn’t matter how scared they are. People want to hold them. That’s the thing that really seems to work with these guys. Why is it, what is it about it? Because it looks, it just looks so crazy weird. It doesn’t look scary. Your medicine, they get totally drawn by the Dalmatian. Look I think in whatever. So basically reduces their expectations of this. Does that thing scarier? Is that thing gross or something like that? Terrified of snakes. Like they will hold a snake and then they hold my nine foot calorie tick. Like you wouldn’t think that would be the first name. I’m glad that you actually said that though cause that’s when I first told you that I like genuinely meant that. I remember you saying it and you were 100% right. This cow retakes. How can we be you? One of my favorite hands down existing combos in the world to kidney. Yeah. They’re the best. I only have the two, but I want more. I don’t know why or because I know why I can’t get like, one is unique to itself. These are a bunch of baby cobras. Did you just open that up? I’m going to India. Cool. I’m ready when you are these guys. I think Brian, you’re gonna tell us all about these things. No, I’m, you’re an expert. So bring, bring the lid all the way back. Like, like flip it up. Lovely deck. Yep. There you go. We’re all gonna die. So Kevin, tell me about these little monkeys. How old are these little baby Kings? Yeah, these are, so they’re coming up and being yearlings. Okay. So they’re actually over a year in September. Okay. So these are some captains bread, tin cobras. Much, much nicer. Disposition, huh? We’re raising them. Uh, the health of them is just spectacular. Uh, they’re obviously wonderful education animals plus a good breeding stock. And we’ve done a fair bit of socialization in these guys. So it makes them not as dramatic, right to, to show off in a video. Um, because they really are smart and they basically come to understand that we’re part of their world and we’re not a bad thing. So they’ve never had a bad experience with us. Right? Yeah. You can definitely say no. Are these road Kneaders or if you still have to feed Z’s are actually still a, my supply of stillborn are dead babies in eggs and stuff like that. Uh, we’re still at that point we’re going to start doing, uh, like rolling things in sheds and everything like that. But we’ve been kind of putting them on a Grossberg. One thing I did notice, cause I haven’t a big adult male King Cobra who eats, wrote in snakes and I notice kind of believe that it is probably good to include snakes into their diet. Essentially you just wrote in because I think they digest them differently. Um, the Roden is digested a bit different on these King cobras. So I think it is like when we have like a snake that maybe a died or stillborn born all. So we caught her attention. So hog nose, Eastern Western or whatnot, we’ll raid turtle mess. So we’re looking for, we were watching turtles nesting and we’re finding hog nose in the next turtleneck. Yes. And they were eating the turtle eggs. So then if you caught it, hog goes and it gets upset. It throws up an egg. So I know that for a fact I was out. Yeah. Oh, not Minnesota goofing around. Speaker 1: Their venom isn’t even in the top 20 most potent or toxic. Then what it is, they have the amount of volume. So when it came hits you, it pumps you with so much volume of venom. That’s what makes it deadly. And they save like a King. Cobra bite could kill an elephant. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s really just me. It’s really just about the amount of venom. It’s not about the potency of the veteran, but you can see, definitely caught this little monkey’s attention right here. And they’re very smart animals. What a beautiful snake. These Indonesian or Malaysian? Speaker 3: Uh, that’s actually a really good question. Uh, and if I caught you off guard, we don’t have, that’s a really good question cause I am so not adept. Obviously you want the like the Chinese type, those, those would be really good ones and the pinks and stuff like that. So that’s probably a Indonesian gotcha. gosh I never even thought about it on these. Could you go so that your back’s towards where you’re at right now? Turn it around a little bit. Perfect. Okay. You ready? Be careful. It’s a lot of snake. Okay. Alright. Alright. You ready for? Yup. Speaker 1: Hey, good morning everybody and welcome to the blog. We are back here at nerd and we’re going to be playing with some giant snakes today. Of course this is a big ivory female articulated by that. And she is a beauty. I mean it’s pretty cool how you can get Ivoree’s all try these black eye loosies all from that Phantom gene. And you can see this one has a bunch of really cool kind of yellow and gray slash, nut and she has a heavy, big snake. I gotta tell you what it’s, it’s hope some of the red ticks your first cool. I do a little short video. Yeah, you’re ready. That’s the perfect time to be ready. Okay. Right. Take a look at this. We’re articulating pipelines. Guys. This is an ivory retake. She’s gotta be a hundred pounds or so. She’s a big healthy animal. Absolutely gorgeous. Green ticks are amazing, but I tell you what, she you pick a card with that card, a Gretsch cratch you want to go down and do it a Marsh? It’s not that. It’s not a congratulates a crotch. It’s a crash. A crash. Trach put it in the cracks. Right? I want a Gale out here. Hey, it’s blowing. I flipping Gail hollow. Any freaking kale. Dan KB reptiles is going to be super upset. Oh my God, I love this. Why can’t we have his neck glory? It’s called articulated Python in the world, to be honest with you, because most of them don’t get that big, and this is one of the original cow animals that Kevin worked really, really hard on for sure to get this large. Absolutely incredible. One of the things that’s amazing about cows of course, just like micro Perdita or mu is that each one is completely different and this one has a lot of pattern and color to it, but it’s absolutely incredible and guys, if you’re looking for some great content with retakes and other crazy animals, definitely I’m going to put a link in the description to Kevin stuff. You want to go give him a follow? Tell him I sent you over on his content. He’s a great guy, good friend and an amazing animal keeper that produces some unbelievable beautiful animals like this cow retake. I tell you what, I am blown away how pick this up and I wonder if one day Perdido will get the size or not. I’m not sure if she will, but it’d be pretty darn awesome. Dead perfect girl. Does he always, does he always do one take or is he ah, I’m willing to take bar check. It’s what they call me back home. Check one check one, two, check, check one, two. No, I messed up more than ever. It matters. It just depends on the day. Some days you have awesome fucking killer days. Some days, some days I can’t tie my shoes. Well you can tie your tongue for sure though. It’s like another day whenever got my underwear at home, you know, and I couldn’t film. She is awesome. You take a nap. Yeah. You’re she’s sizing. Yeah, she’s signing Oh, you doing some video or some pictures? I got a really good one already sober. I look so sad in that picture. Real lot dude. you’re the only one that makes me feel that way. You, that’s how Speaker 3: I get the money he’s shutting. But this is an ocelot tick. Wow. Artists Barb laid down as the rain. This is the ocelot retake. So really pretty itchy and you’ll get me small. Ocelots sure. This is crazy. This is beautiful. So this is a co dominant or that is recessive for now. Doesn’t this look like a bad eater? It does look like a bad here to look in the head. So these are guys that don’t know. Bad eaters are actually re ticks in Bernie’s crosses. So uh, and it does look a lot like your heads. These are head. So believe that. So yeah. So it’s, yeah, it’s but it does really look like a cross kind of hierarchy. That’s crazy. No recessive mutation. Have you been able to get into much yet? Oh no. I’m actually one of the first people to produce them too. But it’s with my buddy Audrey. Uh, we’re just like right now these are head albinos and this year we’ll probably breed this into something else to show us. Bring that over here. So that’s a little one. Right. And they’ll actually worry. Central. Sweet. Meet your daddy. Look at the head pattern though. Wow. You know what’s interesting about this, this animal, even though mommy was bred with that parthenogenesis Oh yes. We had a Pardot to very, very few succeeded in this clutch, but as part of the Genesis. Right. Gotcha. That’s crazy. So where they all know, how are you just the usual Jesus race. That was part of the Genesis part of the Genesis. So it means that this is a survival technique that some animals such as some reptiles have built into them. So if a female never has an opportunity to mate with a male, she can still in rare cases, sire or actually be excused session and say, sorry, be the mama of a clutch and, uh, basically reproduce and you get, uh, genetically carbon copies of mom. Yep. Little clones. There’s actually like morning geckos don’t have males. They’re only females. So there, the entire species is parked in a Genesis. So it’s pretty crazy and they get really yellow. But this guy, he’s usually really, really fancy. But, uh, right now shedding, so not so fancy, but this is just the pattern anomalies. Crazy. It’s ridiculous here. Close. This is like a color that no snake should be. It’s like Sherbert like orange Sherbert and they’re so sweet. Look at the head of this whole fricking yellow. Wow. That thing is gorgeous too. But in the day like this, a girl look like that is a female female cause she’s got a ways to go. Yeah. Kind of almost reminds me of that day. Albert’s Oh yeah, yeah. You’re, you’re right. Yeah. Almost that same look. Wow. in a box keeping in captivity. But we’ve produced these, uh, we’re responsible for them even being here. And you know, like all the golden Childs here in the country, I’m responsible for it because I’m the guy that got the animal paid the good money, was able to breathe it, prove his genetics, and make it available for the market. But I would know what’s good for the, you know, the welfare, the basic welfare, these animals. And now we’re talking about putting rubber balls and bells and stuff like that in cages. And, um, I can’t believe there’s like real, so that is something I think we’re in a day and age of that is concerning.


  1. Brian tries really hard to act like Steve Irvin sometimes!
    Doesn't know if it's a good idea, Doesn't fits him well i think…
    But that Albino king is georgeous! Absolutley a beauty!

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