Can you correct your bow legs naturally? Do you have that question too? Then keep watching because in this video I’ll
explain if you can correct your bow legs naturally. My name is Chi and you’re
welcome to The Body Conditioner. Here we work in, not out! If you’re new to The
Body Conditioner hi! You’re absolutely welcome. Please say hi in the comment
section because I really want to get to know you. Please write ‘bow legs’ in the comment section so that I know what you want to see from
me in the future. What we’re all about here at The Body Conditioner is working in, and I like to go deep. I make use of my passion for yoga, my passion for physiology,
my passion for healing because I want to give you tools in order for you to make structural changes in your body. I work as a private yoga instructor, I have
a PhD in Communications, and I am recording jazz vocalist. And I know
that changing the constitution of the body takes time and especially your
devotion. Can you correct your bow legs naturally? Let’s figure it out together. What
you will need today is a glass bottle, a glass bottle NOT a plastic bottle
and you will need a full size mirror. So please stand in front of the mirror and
bring your legs as close together as you can. If you’re not really sure if you
have bow legs or knock knees, then please click on the video here in the cards and
figure out the shape of your legs and then come back. So since you’re here I
know you have bow legs, you know you have bow legs and we will get to the next
step. The next step is that I would like you to squeeze this glass bottle. So
squeeze the glass bottle, move it as far up the thighs as you can and look at your legs. Begin to squeeze the bottle hard from both sides and try to kind of move this bottle backwards. So from the front towards the
back. Keep your knees soft and spread your toes as much as you can. Remember to breathe and look at the shape of the legs. Do you see a difference? Write yes in the
comment section if you do so. If your legs look straighter right now, then I’m very sure we can correct or at least minimize your bow legs. If you have a hard time
bringing your legs to squeeze this bottle then please write difficult in
the comment section. Also I invite you to come on over to and do your online quiz. Do your online quiz, join the
Facebook group and send me your bow leg pictures. And I’ll be able to give you a
more personalized suggestion on how to go about your bow legs and how I can help
you correct or at least minimize your bow legs. At this point please remove the
bottle. Move it to the side and just notice the sensation all over the legs. Keep your thighs together and imagine this bottle in-between the legs. I know
it’s no longer there but imagine it’s still there and squeeze it. Look at the shape of your legs. Do you feel and see a difference? I’m very sure that most of you will be
able to squeeze this and begin to see a change in the shape of the legs. And
I really look forward to practicing with you, working-in with you
and helping you further on your journey on correcting and minimizing your bow
legs naturally. Having said all this thank you so much for joining me today
and working in with me. Have a fantastic day. If you want to get my free eBook on ho w to correct your bow legs
naturally then please come on over to or click on
the link further below in the description. If you want to send me your
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  1. Hy…. I tried to give my bow legs pic on facebook group, but It didn't get send, so could you suggest me how may i give u the pic.

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