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Today, we’ll be looking at healthy eating and the different types of food that we can eat stay healthy . We will also looks at foods which we should only eat sometimes as a treat because they don’t have what our body needs to be healthy. The key to eating well and keeping your body healthy is to enjoy a variety of foods from each of the five food groups. Let’s take a look at each group, the different foods in them and some examples of the healthy meals we can enjoy. Grains – muesli for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and rice dish for dinner. Vegetables – salads for lunch, a roast and vegetables or stir fries for dinner. Fruit – enjoy with breakfast, as a lunchtime snack and a healthy choice for dessert. Dairy – milk in your cereal, yogurt for breakfast or cheese in your sandwich. Protein – scrambled eggs for breakfast, lean meats, fish or beans and lentils for dinner. And don’t forget to drink water regularly. Foods can be high in sugar and fat which our bodies don’t need but we’re allowed to have these sometimes These can be treat such as jelly, soft drinks, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, fast foods and hot chips. If we eat these foods too often we can feel tired, sick, have tooth decay, weight gain or even diabetes. Different foods affect our bodies and how we feel. Protein helps us build strong muscles and muscles help our bodies move. Dairy help us have strong bones and teeth. Grains provide our body with energy to keep us active. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals which keep our immune system strong so we don’t get sick. At Bedford, our cafeterias offer both healthy options and treat foods. If you are not sure, ask a staff member to help you make a healthy choice. If you are bringing lunch from home, you can ask your parents or support person to help you pack a healthy lunch. Look out for the traffic light system posters in your workplace that show what foods we should eat and how often. Remember, we need to eat foods from all the food groups to feel our best.

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