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(upbeat electronic music) – Welcome back, friends, and
thank you for being here. I’m super excited to
talk about today’s topic because I feel like I often get questions about making working out a habit in your life and being consistent. So, today we’re gonna address a few things whether you’re a beginner
or you are just someone who you know will workout for a few days and then go off for a week and
then go back for a day or two and you’re just very off and on. So, I mean, even if you’re
an avid workout person and you’re just feeling like you’re in a slump currently, some
of these may help you. Alright, so, first things first, we’re just gonna go over a few tips, it’s gonna be super simple, and
hopefully super informative, but what I wanted to talk about for the very first thing on my list, so you know you’re getting all the things I wanna talk about, is to find something that you enjoy. I think that this is often
something very overlooked and it’s something that when
you’re first starting out especially can be super, super key for creating a workout,
healthy, fit, active lifestyle. So, whether you’re someone
that enjoys lifting weights, or a Zumba class, or hiking,
or, you know, spinning, or just bodyweight HIIT
cardio, like you will find all over my page, find something that you enjoy and start with that. The structure and more,
like, physical goal oriented planning can come later
after you create a habit and make this a part
of your daily routine. You don’t have to do everything at once. So, just start being active at first. Start making it part of your day. Start making it something you do all the time, structure it later. That would be my best advice to just starting off right there. Number two is going to be write
a simple action based goal. So, action based, what do I mean by that? Just like I said before,
working it into your day, that can be part of your goal. So, you might write your first goal, doesn’t have to be anything
crazy as, let me say, “I’m going to workout three times a week. “I’m getting my workout
in three times a week, “not skippin’ it, not two,
three, three times a week “and I will get that”,
and that’s something that you can take action
and check off afterwards. So, not something like, “I’m gonna “lose three pounds in the first week.” you don’t have exact
specific control over that. So, when we write these
action based goals, we want them to be steps that we can definitely take and definitely check off. So, “I’m gonna get my workout
in three times this week. “I’m going to drink my blank ounces “of water every day this week. “I’m going to get a vegetable
in three days this week” if you’re starting from,
you know, no vegetables. So, you know, just things like that that you can control,
that you can tick off, and that you can see, “Yes,
I am working towards this, “I’m doin’ it” and you
just build from there. So, write that one action based goal when you’re first starting
out to keep yourself on track. Alright, number three, schedule
a time for your workout. I know it’s very easy to
say, “I’m just gonna fit “those three workouts in
somewhere in the week. “They’re just gonna happen,
I know it, I’m committed”, but, unless you’re planning
when you’re gonna do it and what you’re gonna do, there’s a very good chance that
it’s not gonna happen. So, I like to say, and generally I’ll know if I’m gonna workout in the morning or the night,
mostly in the morning, so, I get up, I do my morning routine, I workout at the end of it
and then I go on with my day, and my work, and the other
things that I need to get done. For me, that works for me, that is when I do my best at staying on track. So, figure out what works
best for you time wise, whether you’re working out
in the morning or the night, the progress, that’s not affected by it. The time that works best for you is the best time to
workout because that’s when you’re gonna be most likely to do it. So, schedule that workout
in, schedule the days, schedule the time, you know,
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, right when I wake up, I’m
gonna knock that workout out, check it off, because
that’s your actionable goal. So, schedule it in, don’t
just let it be floating out there in, like, it’s gonna get done at some point land for you week, alright? Pick the days, pick the
times, and check it off. Alright, next one is commit to yourself. It’s not always gonna be about feeling this wonderful motivation. There are days when we wake up tired. There are days when we just would rather do anything else than go and sweat and just, you know, we don’t wanna do it. So, what I will say is to
remember, commit to yourself. It’s about how much you
wanna get to your goal. If you are very wishy-washy,
again, just like before when I talked about scheduling it in, if you’re wishy-washy
with it and you’re like, “I think maybe I’ll workout, try to “get in three days this week” is gonna be a whole different story
than if you sit down and you write down on your calendar Monday, Wednesday, Friday and commit to these workouts, commit to yourself, even if you need to commit to a friend or if you have a friend that
will go to a workout class with you or wants to meet up after work and do a bodyweight
workout, just anything, add that element of commitment
whether it’s to yourself, to your calendar, or to
a friend, have it there. The commitment makes all the difference. I have done things, and
I know I’ve mentioned these in videos before, when
I’ve gone and I’ve been like, “I think I’m gonna quit sugar
for the next two weeks.” Doesn’t happen, as soon as I
just really want something, I just have it because I
never made that commitment to myself, I never made
that commitment at all. I just said, “I think I’m gonna do it.” I know it sounds silly but
it makes a big difference when you’ve committed even
if it’s just to yourself. A commitment to yourself is important. Alright, and number five,
don’t go wild at first. You don’t have to do everything at first. I briefly mentioned this
before in the first point about, we don’t have to go
back over the first point ’cause I’ll last three
more minutes, (laughs) but I mentioned this a little bit earlier. Don’t go crazy and try
to accomplish everything in that first week that you start or that first two weeks
even that you start. You don’t have to start, you
know, with six days a week, super structured plan,
all the healthy foods, tons of water, all the workouts! Like, it doesn’t have to be
immediate, 100%, change over from one day of doing,
you know, nothing for the past three months to doing
everything in the next week. That’s why I said start gradual, build up. Start with those three days a week. Start with that action goal, “I’m gonna “get those three days done”,
make those small goals, take those small steps, and build on it. Besides the fact that it’s
going to keep you sane, it’s going to keep you more motivated because it’s something
you can actually do. It’s very, very hard to go from zero days to six days a week of working out. So, like, don’t set yourself up for that. Set yourself up to succeed
and build on the success because that long term
makes you so much happier, and in a better mental
state, and, you know, feel better about what
you’re doing, build up, and not only for your mental
state but for your body, because if you go from doing
nothing to doing something six days in that first week,
you are going to be crippled. Your body is going to be like,
“What are you doing to me? “I’m so ridiculously sore,
I’m dying, what is this?” and you’re going to have a much
better chance of being like, “Screw this, this is way
too hard, I can’t do it.” So, build up and build up gradually at a pace that you feel ready. Go for those first few weeks just doing those three days a week and
when you’re feeling stronger, when you’re feeling more
energized and ready, at that fourth day, and, you
know, so on and so forth. You can add little things. Adding things in and
incorporating them one-by-one really creates sustainable
lifestyle choices. So, don’t try and do everything at once, build on it, make it last, and yeah! Remember, this is super
important and this is just what I’m gonna wrap up on, wrap
up with, progress takes time. So, I know it would be
amazing if, you know, we started out and a month
later we hit our goal, but it’s not how it
happens, it’s not realistic. It takes time, it takes
commitment, and it takes you being willing to keep
going when maybe you’re not seeing progress as fast
as we want to in our head, because we all wanna see it way
faster than it really comes. It takes months and years
for massive progress that people show, you know,
on their before and afters and stuff like that, so
remember that it takes time, remember that it happens,
it will happen if you consistently are doing
what you set out to do, you’re consistently
checking off those goals and taking those actions
that you need to take. So, just a very quick recap here. I’m gonna go through all
of them one last time without all of my extra talking. So, find things that you
enjoy, write a simple action based goal, schedule your
workout in, the days, the time, and know when
you’re gonna do it, much more likely to do it
then, commit to yourself, make that commitment, say
you are going to do it, write it down, put it in your calendar, know it’s happening, don’t be wishy-washy, don’t go crazy at first
trying to do everything in the first week, accomplish
all your, you know, goals and dreams in that
first week, build up, make sustainable, buildable progress, and then remember that
progress takes time, it takes you being committed
over the long term, but it does happen I
promise, promise, promise. So, thank you guys for being here. I hope this was super helpful. I hope something in here
helps you make that commitment to make that change to
being active, and yeah. Thank you so much for being here. Remember to like and subscribe,
all the things that help me to bring you more exciting fitness things like workouts and other videos. So, thanks for being here, guys. You’re the best and
I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Thank you so much for making this video! I was very consistently working out, eating healthy, drinking my water goals and then something very personal happened in my life and I haven’t been able to get back the way I want to. I keep trying to start your program or Anna Victoria’s and each time I start I stop within the first week. Listening to you say it’s ok to start with just 3 days a week and not jumping directly into 6 makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER! It takes the pressure off and makes me feel like it’s not just me. I’m definitely going to take your tips and start my action plan for the next 4 weeks. Small wins added up right? Thanks again Nikki!!!

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