DAY IN CAMP: The Training System to improve your Fitness with Boxing (2019)

Hi I’m Winson Hi I’m Lee Zhihua we are from Singapore
so why do we choose Kombat Group? is because we look truly are
and we realize that is very beautiful, very comprehensive equipment here
and we realize it that the trainer’s is really friendly and imformative we stay here for one week and we want to meet new people
improve our fitness and also boxing skills so over that one week
we really learned a lot skills and technique here of course we meet a lot of friends all over the world the facilities here are really good the food is awesome and that would be the best memory that we’ll bring home with us the food is really nutritionist so like idea that you make your protein
carbohydrates and fats which is very healthy and balance we definitely suggests, everyone to come here
yes come to Kombat Group!

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