Diet Pills Are Dangerous (weight loss pills)

This is a picture of a man who was sent to the hospital thanks to diet pills. He took pills to help him lose weight, and he wanted to add more muscle, but wound up in a coma because the doctors had to do a surgery, where they had to cut muscle out of the front of his left leg. I would show the picture of the leg but I think it might be too gory for YouTube There’s also a woman who died after an overdose of diet pills which might suggest that diet pills aren’t the most healthy thing in the world for you considering you’ve never heard of someone overdose on rice krispies, or bean soup. No it’s most always some drug that people overdose on. cause a lot of times drugs are literally designed to screw with your body’s chemistry and they couldn’t help her, there was no antidote for this drug, once it was in its system, it was going to take its course That was a video from a mom talking about how her daughter died from diet pills. The price for some unlucky people who have a low self esteem in society. That’s right, sometimes a low self esteem can lead to your own death. This article says “these substances are sold by people who don’t care about your health – they just want your money” If you want to talk about people that don’t care about your health, we should talk about the United States government. how many people die from alcohol every year? or cigarettes? both substances that are legally sold to American citizens, despite the fact that those substances kill a ridiculous amount of people every single year. Apparently one of the people that died from the diet pills sent a death text message. one of their messages was ‘so scared’ In other words it seems like she probably knew she was going to die. at seventeen, moving out of the family home in Condover, into a flat in Tisbury, and her battle with bulimia, began. so this girl started to struggle with bulimia after I assume she moved out of the house she grew up in. no longer having influences discouraging her from hurting herself, or taking pills that were just downright sketchy. they’d have been there, watching her organs pack up one by one by one. her muscles burning off more and more heat and her heart would be racing furiously. and eventually it was more than her heart could take. It sounds like a disease. like she was a victim of some plague, were her immune system tried to fight it off, but her death was inevitable, thanks to how toxic the pills she took were. this is the girl we’re talking about, obviously beautiful. an now she ceases to exist. All thanks to a low self esteem, corrupt corporations and a lack of effective support in her life. there’s also a man who died after he had three times the fatal dose of the substance he was taking apparently his colleagues were calling him fat, and you know what, when you say someone is fat when they’re actually fat it’s sad but it’s the harsh reality, meanwhile this guy doesn’t even look fat when I think fat, I think about a person who breathes heavily just to stand up this man being fat just seems absurd. Angel said she first noticed the difference in the packaging. the online bottlers were a slightly different color. then, she noticed that the online versions were missing the seal. you might be able to take from this video that online stores that sell diet pills aren’t as reliable as physical stores that you can walk into. I mean think about who could potentially be held more accountable, a place that you can just show up at, whenever you feel like it? or a company that works from who-knows-where and gives you a who-knows-what product that may or may not be regulated, because they might not even exist in the United States let alone abide by our laws. However oddly US government has been known to shut down distributors, that deal dangerous diet pills, including websites. but of course, let’s keep selling tobacco, logic. to lose weight, this woman tried diet pills at one point, and it did not work. in fact her diet pills failed to such an extent, she wound up having gastric bypass surgery. Because reality is, in a lot of cases, if your diet pill actually works, it might mean that it’s killing you. anyway this is the woman’s stomach apparently after she had all that fat sucked out. and this is what she looked like after some healing. but I don’t get it. She could afford surgery that amounted to over a hundred thousand dollars in cost, but she’s using an above ground swimming pool. what? despite the danger, some online distributors are still selling dangerous pills, In fact even sells pills that have put customers in danger. here’s this person saying that they had the worst experience of their life, they said the last time they took the pill they became weak and their head was pounding so hard that they thought they were about to die This person says, beware of your kidney health before taking them ’cause they ended up having to go to the hospital cause their kidneys were wrecked and they stayed overnight to get their kidneys cleaned off with life water. and this is a story about something you’ve probably heard about before, ‘Hydroxy Cut’ so if hydroxy cut is this dangerous to some people you know according to their own packaging ‘America’s #1 selling weight loss supplement’ Imagine how dangerous the lesser brands could be. it looks like it says on one of the bottles, seemingly designed to consume that it specifically states, not for consumption. okay, so what are the pills, that are designed to swallow, for? here’s a girl who suffered the lining of her stomach being ripped out and found herself chronically vomiting. Here’s apparently the girl we’re talking about. Someone who probably looks like a friend of you, the person watching this video right now. there’s even a campaign to promote awareness about how dangerous diet pills are in certain campasses, apparently diet pills have been known to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, diet pills can also trigger a potentially fatal due to high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs. there’s also this torture you could go through. In which before-after cases do we trust? this person seems to have lost almost no weight because of diet pills, question, was it worth risking your life? then we have images like this, which may or may not actually be associated with diet pills, and this image as well, found on a website that looks super sketchy. side note, some diet pills can also potentially drive you completely insane. he’d been seeing her for the best part of two years, and was about to discharge her and he said “you’re through to the other side, you’ve made it.” and then this happens? and then this happens. That person was talking about a girl who died, just after a therapist that concluded that emotionally and mentally, she had overcome some hardships. she was finally getting over her eating disorders, and allegedly diet pills killed her. yet another another beautiful girl, taken from the world, due to societies obsession with being thin. translation of all this: If you’re eating healthy and treating your body right, you’re likely doing just fine. and one of the most effective healthy ways to fix how you feel about your body doesn’t come from a pill, it comes from your mind. So good luck.

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  1. i tried oding on my moms diet pills almost died i had to drink charcoal they put me under and pumped my stomach.. im lucky i lived

  2. True true onision. I mean I drink wine occasionally and I smoke ? it's a hard habit to kick…. It's a disgusting habit, smoking…

  3. It is sad how in America and most places in the world everyone is obsessed with being thin. I’m a vegetarian and I exercise an hour everyday but I still get called fat. Its very upsetting considering visually I’ve lost weight over the years. This mess has been going on for to long. I’m 5’5 5’6 and 150 pounds, I’m also only 14.

  4. I’m a restrictor, drink weight loss tea during the week at work, take two sets of weight loss gummies and now weight helping fiber gummies. I can’t drive so can’t work out instead, though I’m going to try yoga. Can’t say that out loud in my every day life so thanks for letting me use the comments to share that.

  5. I know this is going to sound fucked up but In my family most people are overweight and potentially obease or a risk at diabetes. I'm just worried that this will effect me. It hurts me everyday to see them suffer but it's also the leading cause for anerxia because I'm sick of feeling fat even though almost of my friends are heifer than me. I'm just worried the weight problems in the family will kill everyone most from overweight issues but me from underweight starving. I'm not doing this for attention and I don't want replies I just want to warn others about how families can be torn apart by this stuff silently or sometimes worse.

  6. please make more vids like these. they help me and many others realize that the body type society holds over our heads is deadly in some circumstances

  7. Great video, love your hair in this. I think it’s amazing that your spreading this opinion to so many people.

  8. I used to be obsessed with my weight and took diet pills everyday eating one meal a day or just a protein shake for the day while excersizing everyday for more than 3 hours till my mom started sending me to therapy that just made it worse but summer vacation came and I didn't have to go through people at schools standards

  9. I get it you know when u see your pounds falling of u get excited and very soon whether or not you're happy that day or sad is dependent on whether or not you dropped a pound that morning like for me it's not that pills with apple cider vinegar ??

  10. These are so sad
    We mock those who have “low self esteem” and shake our heads at those who don’t match our cosmetic impression of health……

    Basically people…. we need to start being human

  11. Onision – Makes fun of over wieght people
    Over wieght people – Try to stop being over wieght
    Onision – That's so f**ked up oh my god like whhhhyyyyy

  12. It’s not the United States. It’s called free will and Capitalism. We already tried banning alcohol and it didn’t work.

  13. See, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t understand why we legally sell cigarettes and alcohol for consumption, but won’t sell marijuana?? I mean it’s all not the best thing for you, so why not if they are already doing it? I think it’s because they can tax cigarettes and alcohol, but not marijuana. And have you ever heard of a high driver killing a kid? No? That’s because typically it’s alcohol that’s our problem.

  14. Last week i took stackers, (diet pills) i ended up being dizzy and nauseous all day. at the end of the day i smoked a cigarette to hopefully make me feel better and i puked 3 times.. (edit: i’m 16, 5’4 and 94 pounds) btw i’m vegan

  15. His videos actually help me feel better about myself, i mean i love myself but what he says its true n i feel less negative about myself like i used to be half of the time through out the day.

  16. I'm 26, (I'm too old to be here it seems) my antidepressants had me gain leaving me 180 lbs. I'm currently dieting to lose 30 pounds. .and I'm 5'7

  17. I’m 10 and 115 pounds I’ve lost all of my self esteem and all I want is to have a tiny stomach I’m over weight and I just want to take pills to get rid of it no mater what please help me

  18. Are u kidding me…Well now im scared. I Litterly have an order for diet pills to be coming. (im 5'3 im 16 and weigh 128….aka im fat)

  19. once you get to the weight you want you can get rid of the skin by eating at the same time every day and doing leg lifts and stretching

  20. I overdosed on diet pills when I was 17. The boy I was dating for years broke up with me for a skinny blonde. I was too goth for him too thick for him. Now I have arrhythmia. I also suffered with panic disorder because of the fear I felt that night. Horrible. Now I don't even touch caffeine.

  21. When there's a photo from Corrie in there ? I ODd on hydroxycut and honestly I had chronic vomitting so bad the antisickness didn't work it was awful… Guess I won't take those 13 years out of date fat loss pills mum has under the sink then ??

  22. thank you for making this video I've been struggling to lose my pregnancy weight. doing diet and exercise but I'm not getting the results I want.

  23. Damn it. I just want to lose more weight. I keep watching your ana/bulima/weight loss videos hoping it'll start making me think straight but it's not. :/

  24. I mean honestly, people can still be a little over weight and still be healthy, I'm 5'6 and 170ish lbs. no matter how much I exercise I feel like I'm gaining weight, I eat small meals through out the day. I feel like you want to eat foods that is easy on your heart and easy on your body. My diet is a Japanese diet, I eat a lot of fish and vegetables and fruit. Strangely I'm supper skinny and it's probably because I do Kung Fu and Tricking which is my two favorite sports, I think it's muscle weight because it's impossible for me to lose weight. Most of my friends thought I was about 130ish which to me is a complement, but I do agree that diet pills are pretty dangerous. We shouldn't be discouraging women for how they look, to me if your eating healthy and getting regular exercise but still cant lose weight, don't worry, all people bodies are all different. The thing that people should work on is self love and confidence and remember that the people you love matters in the end not how you look or weigh. cheers<3

  25. I jus took two pills. I'm 12 years old. Exactly 5' foot. I weight about 102 pounds. I took one pill that contains green coffee i gues. And the other pill was an Apple cider pill. The Apple cider pill says take two. I took one. The green coffee tells me to take three twice a day. I also only took one from that bottle. After that I ate. Doo you think any harm will be done to me?

  26. I really want to lose weight as all my friends are skinner than me. I bought a packet of diet pills and swallowed all of them but they didn’t work. I’ve just got some new ones from boots. I’ll tell you how it goes.

  27. there was someome in my neighbourhood took these pills after his woman left him and he got depressed and it didnt help and he also kinda got crazy or something i dont exactly know but.. yeah

  28. You can literally eat better and lose weight. Grapefruit is a metabolism booster….. Drinking water helps. Regular exercise. Im a little chubby but im good with my body. You should be too

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