Fitness Routine + Mini Workout ;-)

Hi guys, I hope you are all well? I’m standing here at the very windy river shore in Hamburg and I’m going to make a fitness/styling video today because I got a lot of questions in the comments about my diet and my fitness routine it is very windy, so I hope you can hear me well and have fun with the video and it seems like I’m not the only crazy person who does the workout outside during this weather 😉 have fun with the video! as you can see, I’m totally into neon colours and if you see it from the safety point of view it is pretty cool aswell because car drivers can see you a lot better and neon yellow is a color I’m normally not wearing very often so I love to wear bright colors when I’m working out and I think it is very important to wear special sports wear I mean functional clothes which are made for a workout not only a normal tank top or a simple cotton shirt sports wear is very important and functional underwear is quite important too like a sports bra because it’s important for the support and it is so comfy, you won’t feel it just try it with a sports bra, it makes such a difference recently I’ve tried to stick to a regular workout schedule but I still have the feeling sometimes…. that I have to go shopping 😉 honestly, if I buy a new outfit for my workout it is like a huge motivation boost because I always want to wear new stuff right away maybe it is a bit like self-deception, but who cares? if it motivates me to do my workout, it’s okay I don’t always do my training outside, just in between my normal schedule I normally go 3 times a week to the gym on monday I go to a class: bodypump on fridays as well the class goes on for an hour and it’s a barbell workout you take your barbell and just add the weights you want to use during this workout you improve all of your larger muscles like your legs lower back upper back butt armns: bizeps, trizeps breast it’s just pretty cool and to get a bit of diversity in my workout schedule I don’t go to a class on wednesdays but just work out for my self

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