FRIENDLY Locals, CHEAP Prices. Exploring Colombo, Sri Lanka. VLOG ??

what are these? these samosas? this dessert?
It’s fish yeah.
Fish? I want something, something sweet, like
dessert What are these?
What are they? Made from what? Some sugar cane and something like this. Jaggery.
okay how much for one just to try? Ten rupees.
Ten rupees, okay, I try, I want to see what it tastes like. okay that’s nice ten rupees each huh? okay give me one
more. I give you 20, give me one more. Well that’s lovely. Thank you very much. what’s the name for this?
Thala, thala.
Thala Candy. Very nice. Okay nice to meet you. See you, bye. Wasn’t just being polite, that is pretty
nice. Says it’s called Thala, or something. Okay, let’s see what else is going on. See what’s down this wee alleyway. Can I fit through here? Sorry man, I need to fit through here. Thank you, uhhh. Okay, can go this way. There we are. I’m not the only person trying
to squeeze through a wee gap. This bloke, in a nice car,
trying not to scratch it up. There we go, right
This wee alleyway looks pretty lively. You can maybe see the top of that red thing there.
That’s a particularly picturesque mosque. That’s pretty famous in Colombo, so that’s what I’m heading towards. I want to see what I can see on the way. It seems like everything down here are like flower shops.
I do quite like that about some countries where they have one area for one thing, like
there’s one computer area, there’s one area for these flowershops and then you
come to that area for the thing that you need and then you get the best possible
place because there’s so much competition, whereas in the West,
countries like Scotland, you’ve got like one high street, where there’ll be one flower
shop and they can charge a fairly high price because there’s no other flower shop
in the town, or on that street, so yeah I do quite like this kinda style. There we are, the Red Mosque, with the candy
cane spirals. Lovely, that is, beautiful. I don’t think I’m going to go inside.
Don’t feel like covering my legs and all that to go inside the Mosque, unless it is pretty inside as well. I dunno if this is just the outside. Very nice, Red Mosque.
Let’s see what this says. Visitors and tourists should use the next entrance.
Let’s have a look in here. Very nice. Salaam alaikum.
Okay, next entrance is for tourists.
What’s it saying? All visitors and tourists should use the next entrance. Let’s see if we can get in here, this entrance for tourists.
Let’s see what’s going on here. Okay, I decided to come in the
courtyard anyway. Just had to take my shoes off. They say I don’t have to
cover my knees unless I actually want to go inside and pray, but I think I’m just
gonna walk around the courtyard here. See what’s going on.
Here, this is where they’re washing themselves before they pray. Incredible, innit?
Absolutely magnificent. I’m looking for a snack and this guy seems to be selling
stuff. I’ve just had a steak pie though so I don’t know if I want something savoury.
This looks sweet and savoury, huh. Pineapple there and apple but covered in
some kind of like pepper or something. Dunno what’s going on here. What is this stuff?
That looks like an absolutely massive portion. I don’t know if I could eat all that but it’s
probably gonna be cheap, so I may just buy some and have a bit, and throw the
rest away. Which I don’t really normally like to do,
throw away food. See how much he’s paying.
Name for this, what this called? This?
*inaudible* It’s spicy? oh it looks sweet, because pineapple
and apple. Pineapple is sweet uhh? But this one’s spicy? This, red. That is guava, that is mango.
You get all, in one? What is it? 150 rupees per box?
All mix for 150 rupees? That’s good. Is it a movie? I take video of everything in Colombo.
What is nice, I show to my friends. Want to try?
Okay, I will try. Let me try one. This onion?
Dunno if that really goes for the pineapple and all that. Sample.
Sample huh? It’s spicy.
That is spicy. What is this stuff, the paste?
Is that sugar? Cooked apple?
Cooked apple. Oh, that is nice. This one nice. This one,
I’m not really into the onion. Pineapple, okay, let’s give it a go. Pineapple’s nice.
That cooked apple with the sugar stuff, that’s nice. I’m not into the onion with it though.
What else is here? What is this? This is mango.
This is mango? Green mango. Okay, I’m gonna buy a box. Okay give me one box please. All mix?
All mix but no onions. The rest. What is this one? This one olive. Olive?
Okay, okay I will try. It still has the stone in it.
It tastes sweet, tastes sweet. It still has the stone in it. Okay, this is the mango is it?
It’s mango. Okay. Thank you. Oh, its a huge portion. I can’t eat this. This still has the skin
on it, right? This still has skin on it? I don’t have to eat this.
The locals at me. laughing at me. I can’t bite through this. It still has the bloody skin on it.
I don’t know how I’m supposed to eat it. I don’t know what I’m doing. Sorry, getting a mess here. Okay I tell you what,
just give me this, the pineapple and the apple, only ,but a small one.
I’ll give you 150 only half box, I give you 150, okay, that’s enough for me,
coz’ you give me a big sample anyway. Some mango? Oh, this one? This have the skin on it?
Same this or no? Yes, spicy.
Let’s have a go. Okay, this fine, yeah. Yes. What is this? Mango again? *inaudible* Oh, this is like guava? Guava, yeah?
No guava, there guava. Oh, this guava, I thought it was apple. This something, yeah, it just tastes like guava.
I don’t know what it is. Ok, no, no, this is enough, this is enough.
No need to close, I will eat, I will walk and eat, give me a stick.
I will walk and eat. Okay, 150, okay thank you
100, 100. What? Only 100? No it’s fine, take 150 because
you gave me the samples, it’s like a full box. Okay, you’re very good my friend, thank
you, see you, goodbye. Okay, that’s a nice guy. It’s always refreshing
when you come to a developing country as a tourist and they try to undercharge you
rather than overcharge you. You know, I didn’t want everything
that was supposed to come with that box. Instead of the 150 price which is already ridiculously cheap, he said no
no just give me hundred and just give me a hundred. Then won’t even take the 50 when I’m giving it him. Hello my friend. Won’t even take the full price,
until I insist a few times. So that’s nice, so I’m gonna walk
and eat this sweet spicy treat. While I try to avoid the oncoming crowds. Okay
gonna eat this and see what else I can find. What is it?
Oh snakes? Very nice. This guy just coughed on me. I’ll eat this spicy stuff, I’ll probably be up for a
milkshake or something. Oh look here’s the other side of the Red Mosque.
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Okay come on, this guy has an important Milo
chocolate malt drink delivery to get through. You cannot get through? Oh, he’s
stopping you? This very important delivery. This, very
nice. This feel good. Yeah it’s very important delivery. You tell them, let
you through, let you through, okay. Okay, people need to drink their Milo and they’re
being stopped by this Sri Lankan traffic. This is what’s causing the commotion.
Deliveries to these shops. Okay another dangerous road to get past.
I’m gonna follow these two blokes. They know what they’re doing. Okay, these are my guides for crossing the road. Dudes, you did well.
That was good. If you ever have trouble crossing the road anywhere
you go, just latch on to a couple of locals. Okay, I think in here. Yeah I think this it. Yeah.
This the market here. Can I even go through here? Oh, I can’t.
That guy’s given me a fake shortcut. Cheers mate. I’ll walk round this way. Right, this place is called Good Market.
It’s all the good stuff. And it’s apparently, it’s kind of like one of
these Fairtrade kind of things. Where it’s all locally, home sourced, homegrown, organic,
everything’s good and healthy and legit, so very different from Petah and aroumd
Colombo Fort where I was buying all this a knockoff, knockoff goods, so I’m
gonna have a wee look down here, see what’s going on, apparently there’s between 70 and
90 stalls selling things like locally grown fruits and handicrafts and stuff
like that. It does seem pretty quiet, don’t know if it’s even lively right
now. Right, definitely haven’t come the correct way
if I’m having to climb over stuff and squeeze. Right,
this place looks empty. Far more relaxing atmosphere compared to
Petah and the Colombo Fort area. Let’s see what we’ve got? Bargain books? Asterix and the Banquet. I used to read these when I was in school. From some tiny little island, they’ve made
these shoes. Tartan as well. These are very nice.
Thank you. Okay, what else we got here?
Araliya Food? What is this?
All sorts going on here. I am rather full right now.
Definitely couldn’t eat all that. Definitely couldn’t eat all that.
I’ve been sampling stuff all day. That’s the normal portion is it?
Oh definitely not, definitely not. Maybe next week.
Maybe next time. Yeah, this time next week I’m back.
This open on Saturdays right? Yeah, okay, maybe this is where I’ll come for my lunch. It looks lovely, just I’m full. Okay, have a nice day.
Okay, what else we have here? Selling little jars of nuts. Sweet cashews, burnt cashews
deviled cashews and roasted cashews. These are the sweet ones? Oh, they’re lovely. Nice and chewy. I wonder how they get them nice and chewy like that. What do you do to these?
Just cashews and sugar or do
you do something? You cook them? They cooked.
Yeah, together with jaggery. Cooked with jaggery, ahh very nice. And one small jar is 300 is it?
Okay. I’ll take one of the small ones, alright, just a wee jar.
It’s the blue one? Okay I’ll take one, thank you. Lovely Okay, there’s two and Okay thank you very much, thank you.
Oh, they’re nice them. See what else is going on here. Oh that’s jaggery.
That’s what they made those sweet cashews with. Some lovely vegetation over here and this is the
race ground but I dunno what’s going on looks like somebody’s playing football
there. This is supposed to be the race ground but it looks like football stadium.
This match even going on? Wonder if I can get a ticket for that.
Place doesn’t look packed at all. Is this match actually going on?
It looks like they’re warming up. See what’s going on here. No, it does look like it’s an actual
match going on right now. I wonder who’s playing
and I wonder how I can get in. Okay I’m gonna have a wee wander around the market
and see how much a ticket is for the stadium. If it’s not that expensive I might
just go in and have a wee sit down. Eat my cashew nuts,
if they’ll let me take it into the stadium that is. Looks like they’re making hoppers there. Sri Lankan authentic. What else do they have here?
Oh, this looks delicious. I wish it wasn’t so full, I’d be eating all of this. Banana cake, carrot cake. I’m tempted to take a piece of the carrot cake for later. What else do they have here? Oh your food looks lovely ,all sorts of
good stuff here. Is this the carrot cake here, is it? It’s carrot cake, aye? I’ll take one slice. Can you wrap it up for me?
I’m going to eat it later. I’m a bit full right now. Okay, lovely. 350. Quiche? I’m in the mood for sweet food right now.
I’m not looking at savoury. Okay 350. You have a shop in Colombo yeah?
Horton place uh-huh you have a shop. Every Saturday you come here with your best food to
give to the good peeople? Oh nice. Lovely. You want this, or that?
What? You want to give me this? Same price? Same price.
Really? This you gonna make me fat. That’s very generous
of you but I’ll take the take the small slice. Very nice. okay That’s the side bit.
That’s too big. That’s going to make me very fat. That’s nice, he was going to give me one like
twice the size for the same price. A generous man. A very nice man.
Thank you. Okay, thank you very much my friend.
Have a nice day. Lovely, okay, thank you. Piece of carrot cake for later. Lovely.
See what else is going on here. I might try one of those hoppers. I am full
but I might just try them just to try them. What else we got going on here?
More books and stuff. Right, there’s not much else going on here
so I might try those hoppers. She selling drinks. Cinnamon Drink,
that looks interesting, Cinnamon Drink. Hello, I’m interested in your cinnamon drink. Is this cinnamon tea or what is it? Just cinnamon.
Just cinnamon and water? Any sugar to make it sweet? No.
Only cinnamon and water. I’m gonna try a cold one.
I’ve never had a cinnamon drink before. So I’m gonna try one. This for me? Just put it down there.
I’ll drink from there, thank you. Let’s see what I think of the cold cinnamon drink.
That’s just water and cinnamon. I like it, it’s very nice, very refreshing.
Just what I need. I’m getting a bit sweaty walking around,
so that’s lovely. Yeah, doesn’t need any sugar.
That’s a very nice taste. Cinnamon has it’s own natural sweetness. Yeah it has natural sweetness.
It’s very good for your blood sugar as well, right? Okay well thank you very much, that was lovely. Okay, so I’ve got my cashews, I’ve got my carrot cake.
Okay I’ll go the long way, I’ll be a gentlemen and let this lady and her child past. Got my carrot cake, had my cinnamon drink, cashew nuts. Right, I’m gonna try one of those
Sri Lankan hoppers which are basically like pancakes. I’ll try one of them and I’m gonna see
if I can get myself into that football match. Might be interesting. This guy’s making the hoppers.
Plain one, 50. Then he’s got egg, honey, I’m in the mood for honey. You know when I’m full up and I
want to eat something else it has to be something sugary. So wanna try.
Hello my friend. Can you make me once your honey hoppers? Yeah one, I just want to just
want to give it a go. okay only 100. Bargain. You know this football match? Who plays
this football match? This Sri Lanka league? Ahh, okay.
You know how much a ticket for this? Free ahh? That’s that’s a very good price.
That’s a good price. Just walk in, yeah, I just walk in and free huh?
Very good. School match.
It’s like a school match, ahh, it’s not like professional. That’s a very big crowd for a school match.
Maybe like 1,000 – 2,000 people. Looks like my hopper’s done. As he delicately scrapes it off the pan.
Very nice. Very nice. Basically is a very sweet
pancake. That’s all it is. But it’s nice. Nice and simple.
Nice and cheap. Good grub. So I’m gonna go and see if I can
get a wee seat in that football match. Dunno if this door’s open or not.
Can’t be that easy just to walk in for free. Let’s see, no, nope, locked. Other way? I want come in.
I want to come in. Go this way? Okay. Okay, this bloke is telling me,
if I go round the side I can maybe get into this football stadium.
Okay, here we go. Apparently it’s not free afterall. It’s 200 rupees. I have to buy a ticket from here. Okay. 200 rupees, basically free then innit. Thank you my friends. Okay, I got in.
I made it. My 200 rupee ticket. See what’s going on here. I don’t
even know how many minutes are left of the match. There’s not time on the board there.
Oh, it looks like it’s half time. So I’ll catch the second half. Brilliant, let’s find a wee seat. Alright, this guy, what’s this guy got?
Anything nice? What you selling? This ice cream?
No, candy bars man. Candy bars? No water? Drinks?
Another man have drinks? Nobody have drinks? Okay I’m gonna
die of thirst in this football stadium. I think.
Apparently you can only buy candy bars here. I do see somebody.
Oh wait, he got that from McDonald’s. I was going to say I do see somebody with a drink.
But it’s a McDonald’s one. Hello, hello. okay okay so they don’t sell drinks in the stadium
so I’ve had to come to the KFC down the stairs. For a wee virgin mojito
and an ice cream cone. Lovely jubbly, take that upstairs. Okay, there we are, that’s more like it. It’s a better way to enjoy a football match.
A nice drink and a snack. Right, find quiet space up there and chill out and
enjoyed the match. Well that’s more like it. What a way to enjoy a football match.
A nice KFC food and drink and a nice goal. That’s it. Final whistle. Home team won 3-2.
Everyone’s happy. Whoops, sorry.
Okay, okay Sri Lankan beauty just bumped into me. Not that I mind.
Don’t mind it at all. Right, just arrived at Galle Face Green,
and I’ve worked up another appetite. Slightly. I’ve definitely worked up a thirst.
And I see here, the first thing I see is all these kites, all the kids flying their kites.
Beautiful. A nice cheap hobby for these kids in a developing country. Nice to see that. All these people having fun flying their kites next to
that beautiful Sri Lankan flag. Flying in the background there. It’s coming up to sunset and all these stalls are opening selling goodies for the kids and
presumably this guy’s trying to sell something. Oh it’s a wee monkey, no, no I’m not
into, I’m not into animal torture at all. I can’t be supporting that. That’s pretty brutal,
the poor wee monkey. It should just bite that guy and run away
if it ever gets off that chain. Right, what I want to see here, I’m presuming there’s somewhere I can get a nice, a nice
drink of something cold down here. Look at that, some kites with the British flag. All these happy kids. How are you?
Not right now. Not right now, thank you. The food smells delicious though. Some crab fritters there. Look pretty tasty. Right, a cold drink. That’s what I’m on a mission for. It has to be cold and wet.
That’s exactly what I want right now. Maybe an ice cream cone as well.
Again, the crab fritters. Looks like that’s the popular. Hi, you’re a restaurant? Not right now. Looking for
a drink, looking for a milkshake or something. Right, oh, crab fritters. Very nice. What is this guy’s tuk-tuk called? She Boy?
Dunno. Sounds like something you’d rather find in Thailand
than Sri Lnka to be honest. Look at these locals enjoying themselves. Probably most of these people don’t have that much money but they have a lot of enjoyment.
Got entertainment like this. Come and fly a kite, go to the beach right on your
doorstep for free. Pretty sure these people living a better life than
someone working their arse off in London. Going home in miserable pissing rain weather. Okay, back on the mission that find that cold drink Can’t find anything cold to drink that’s special. But do you have any of these orange,orange lollies? no?
Finished. Finished uhh? I need an orange one. What you have? Show me what you have.
Strawberry. Strawberry uhh?
How much for a strawberry? 20
20 okay. I’ll take a strawberry one. Okay, so I walked the length of that place.
Didn’t find anything nice to drink. It’s just bottles of coke and bottles of water. And bars selling beers and that.
This is dripping all down me. Anyway, I bought this ice lolly instead. I couldn’t
even find a nice orange juice or anything like that. So the nearest thing I could find that’s
sweet and isn’t coca-cola or water is this. Well, it looks like they’re planning on developing Colombo into this. Apparently in the future. Looks lovely
doesn’t it? Don’t know if that’ll ever transpire. Or not. But it’s certainly quite a picture
of this artist’s impression of this strategic development. and what things are going to look like in the future?
WHAT? Oh you seem friendly. No, I’m just going to walk thank you.
See you. Right, that tuk-tuk has seen the police ahead of me and just the sea to get lost. Anyway
talking about getting lost, I’m gonna get lost right now. That’s the end of this
video guys. Thanks very much for watching. Please like it and comment the video and
I will see you on the next one.

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