28 Replies to “Glowing Yoga Body Workout (30 min) Total Detox”

  1. I have to save this for next time because I NEED to do some lower back stretch…ouch it hurts after those damn Deadlifts…

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  3. Every Monday i just wait for your video…I'm sooo excited to do it…My next beautiful practice?..Today I did your 30 min vinyasa flow..It gave me a lots of energy.. Thank you mam for supporting..???❤️?

  4. This got me glowing like a Christmas tree ?? The doggie at the beginning was adorable! Have a great week Lesley and Duke ???

  5. Thank you for this lovely practice. Your soothing voice ensured I never gave up and gently guided me through the asanas. I genuinely feel a glow on my skin and chi flowing through my body. ??

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