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hi everyone
do you like my Apron looks very nice a lot of the fish and the vegetabls paper
yes it’s very nice I like it today we are going to celebrate Lisbon festival in our Kitchen. It happens in the month of June to
celebrate the st. Anthony day during this time we can see celebrations all
over town neighborhood challenged each other on parade it over the main avenue of the
capital we all have fun whole night dancing drinking and eating juicy grilled
sardines with bread today we are going to cook sardines together this is a very
simple healthy and delicious dish that I am going to serve with Portuguese style
salad and bread let’s begin so first I’m going to
prepare the salad because I want salad to be chilled in the fridge
let’s start by grilling 1 capsicum turn on the gas and put it over it let it
born of it meanwhile prepare 300 grams of cucumber take the seeds out and slice
it don’t forget to turn over the capsicum when all skins are burn, take it out put it in a ball and power it let it sit for a few minutes this will help make it
easier to peel later chop three medium size of tomatoes don’t forget to take
the tips out and deserve it chop 150 grams of onion in
thin slice put it in the bowl peel the red capsicum cut it and clean the seeds
chop the capsicum in slices and reserve it with the rest of the salad now I’ll
cover it and put it in the fridge for later
so now let’s prepare our main ingredients I have here 650 grams of
sardines to buy a good sardines you need to see the eye if it’s transparent
or not the fresh sardines would be the better but if you don’t find it you can
use frozen one as well I’m going to take the guts out and clean it all sardines are clean so I am going to
place on the plate to season so use a handful of sea salt to season it turn
over and do it in the another side and I like to put the Lemon juicy depends
yeah I’m just going to put a half of lemon juice sardines are already
seasoned so I’m going to start cooking. To cook I’m going to use this kind of
griller normally Portuguese use big fire griller, turn on the gas and put it in
high heat until the pan gets hotter put little bit oil olive oil sardines to not
to stick so oil is hot, I’m going to add sardines, I’m going cook each side 3 minutes turn it over after three minutes these are done so reserve it and repeat
the same process for other sardines are done lets season the salad
I already took salad out from the fridge it’s a good idea to prepare salad before
we serve I’m going to add a few tomato cherry just for color and I’m
going to add as well olive black olive looks nice and oregano this much one handful is OK, add salt as your
taste & 2 spoon of olive oil and vinegar you can put lemon as well if you don’t
like vinegar I put it to spoon of vinegar as well tablespoon add a couple
of cubes of ice and mix well and after we taste so i’m going to taste it. Hmm very nice, I’m going to add little bit of olive oil 1 tablespoon yeah hmm so we have
everything now let’s start plating so I like to put the salad first then my
bread yeah then in Sardines so bread soaks all
the delicious juices mmm so bread let me taste the salad. This salad is so summery,
like summertime light and very nice. delicious. hmm so today we cook sardine to
celebrate Lisbon festival I’d love to hear from you so leave a comment down
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to learn more recipes from Nepal, Portugal and more bye I’m going to continue eating it’s really nice mmm Cheers

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  1. Couple of things to what you said about the Mediterranean diet. In Greece or Italy we have only two salad dressings: 1)olive oil + lemon juice and 2)olive oil + vinegar and if we want to make your dressing extra fancy then we use balsamic vinegar or once in a while mustard. It is a very rare occasion to see a Greek or Italians dress his/her salad with something else

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