Healthy Food On A Budget!

so I am headed over to Kroger to buy my
weekly lunch and I’m gonna show you this week how you can get a cost-effective
one one that you can save cost so this is our the local Kroger so the next time
you’re gonna see me I’m gonna be inside so the first thing is deciding on the
meats so these are the different types of meats that they have I am usually a fan of either the oven
roasted chicken breast or the top round so I think
I am actually going to take the the top round roast which ones for about
five and a night but it has no antibiotics and then for my cheese I
like to go for something spicy they have different types of cheeses but you can
go for I like the Junction’s so I’m gonna go with that and then to spice up
I really really like the suppressor or capicola meats they’re really tasty when
you eat them so I think I’m gonna go with the hot capicola for my sandwich go with that and then so that’s that’s
really about the means so for the sandy spread I think I’m
gonna get some croissants and I’m gonna see the ones that are
going to be expiring at a later date so I think
easily some delicious core science that and then for my breakfast I like the
pound cake so I could get the lemon or the regular one I think I’m gonna get
the look like the regular pound cake for the week that’s gonna do my favorite one
and then I’m going to get now they do have organic bananas that you can get
but I’m not picky on bananas so I think I’m just gonna get like some regular
bananas that I can eat in the morning with my yogurts and then I’m gonna
choose some nectarines like something citrusy that I can have and so these are
the ones that I usually buy just to munch on them so they’re pretty good
vitamin C especially in the fall you want to avoid all those bowls and then for my morning’s obviously some
yogurt is good so I’m gonna see from the different options they got strawberry
and harvest peach combination so I think I like this one so this is the one that
I’m going to take so you can see my bill was 35 dollars and 25 cents and this is
the breakfast portion of what I recommend that you can take simple
breakfast I am a sweet tooth so you can see there I’m a pound cake I’m gonna
show you how I make that up for all five days of the week and then obviously I
have my yogurt I have my clementines because it’s always good to have your
vitamin C and I also have the banana I got them green because I eat them during
the week and so I know I want them to oxidize and obviously ripen throughout
the day so I’m gonna show you how my breakfast is gonna look like in the end all right and then this is my lunch as
you can see I took the top Brown roast beef no antibiotics so I’m a big I love
beef I think this is very satisfying you know cooked pressed beef that you
could eat with your sandwich and then I took some Italian like old-world Haute
capicola just to be able to have that taste of paprika and spices and it’s
roasted and very spicy so it’s really a great sandwich
hearty meal and then I love my cheese so I took pepper jack sliced cheese to be
able to add and then my for my breads you can see here I’m a huge lover of
croissants cuz I do like the the nice tasty of breads and I also don’t like to
use mayonnaise or mustard you can I just don’t like to have those and so the
croissant actually makes up for that so I’ll be able to kind of let you see how
that looks like in a second all right so this is what it looks like
so you can see I think I’m gonna have a really good work day I have my banana
and my yogurt and I also have buy you know nectarine I have a little slice of
cake that I can eat for my breakfast and then I have a hurry sandwich in there as
well and so these are just some of the ideas and I’m just gonna close this so
that is actually my lunch for one day and if you’re interested in getting more
information about how I eat on a budget five days a week for my breakfast and my
lunch and don’t spend too much money because I miss my maid who used to cook
for me keep watching

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