Healthy Living For Active Seniors : Energy Sources for Baby Boomers

Another very important part of our weight
management program is understanding energy sources. The body has two sources of the energy
that it needs. It can either burn fat, or it can burn sugar. Naturally we’re all trying
to burn fat, because we’re trying to streamline our bodies, and we’re trying to lose weight.
But the problem there is that the body is programmed to protect its fat source. So,
basically it has to deplete the glycogen, which is the sugar storage in the blood, before
it will even begin to burn fat. This means that, normally in our exercise program we
have to exercise for at least 20-25 minutes to be able to work through the glycogen in
the blood, and that’s when we begin to burn fat. There is a solution to this problem though.
There is a product called the Access Bar. It’s made from a special kind of chocolate.
What this product does is it tricks your body into thinking that the glycogen has been depleted,
so the body will start burning fat immediately. The way this works is like this: you consume
an Access Bar 15 minutes before activity, on an empty stomach, and your body will immediately
start burning fat. There are several benefits to this. One: you don’t get lactic acid buildup,
which is what happens when the body is burning sugar. There is also no fatigue, which also
happens when the body is burning sugar. And the third benefit is no muscle soreness, which
is one of the greatest inhibitors to the continuity in an exercise program, because if you’re
sore the next day, you’re not likely to get up and go at it again. The important thing
is to be able to enjoy the exercise and utilizing the Access Bar, and applying this whole concept
of the energy system is what enables us to really be able to enjoy the activity, so we
look forward to it, to the next day.

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  1. Dude, you seem like a smart and fit man.. but promoting those bars is a scam.
    Access Bars are a product sold by a multi-level marketing company and have no proven weight loss connection.. other than people who work out, lose weight… whether you eat the bars or not.

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