How to Get Motivated to Eat Healthy Again?

what’s going on guys and welcome back to
the fit men cook kitchen as you can see I don’t have anything sauteing or
boiling or steaming right now in the background it’s just me and you I do
have some infants going because I cook mad garlic and onion and got the whole
place to know and like Thanksgiving morning up in here one of the really
cool things about this place that I’m in and writing this book is that I feel
like I’m in a really creative place and my publisher bless her heart she is
challenging me more and more to consolidate my ideas just for this book
and to save some of the other stuff for other books and other projects and it’s
a challenge because aside from all the recipes I also want to share a little
bit about my journey and how I’ve been able to navigate this healthy lifestyle
now for what almost five years going so all that to say I’ve been writing a
whole lot and when I feel something I’m going to write it down but today’s video
is actually inspired by a recent experience that I had when I was in the
gym and it’s about being and a diet rut about being in your own diet depression
and I call it a diet depression because that’s what it feels like whenever
you’re in that rut it’s debilitating you are disenchanted you’re not motivated to
try new foods and you hit a brick wall and you feel that you can’t move past it
a young guy came up to me he said hey I’ve lost some weight I’ve got at least
16 more pounds to go and I had to lose this weight because I really want to try
out for the Marines I was trying to share some ideas with him and they got
me thinking that it’s less about him hitting this weight plateau
he was really asking a question about how can I get motivated again rather
than write this stuff down and share it later I wanted to share it now so with
that being said I want to share with you all five things that I did to dig myself
out of my own diet depression my own diet rut the first thing I did to dig
myself out of a diet rut is I had to get understanding meaning get perspective
about what’s going on in my life I had to become a lot more self aware of
the external factors that oftentimes influence the choices that we make is
their emotional drama at work is an emotional drama at home with you and the
kids or you and wifey what are those things that are happening right now in
your life that are influencing your decision not to get too personal but at
the very beginning of this year I went through a breakup and it was really
disappointing cause it was something that I really enjoyed and I thought it
was going to last but it didn’t last and at the time I was working out I had a
strict diet and I was doing all that and so when that breakup happened I slowly
began to back away from that and I didn’t really realize I was dissatisfied
with where I was and so I was projecting that on to everything else
I began to become dissatisfied with my workout I became dissatisfied with my
diet and so incrementally I started to make these different decisions that that
move me farther away from my fitness goals and from my diet goals and I had
to confront the truth that a lot of things that were happening with me
emotionally we’re also influencing my dietary decision so you’ve got to make
up your mind and you’ve got to get perspective about what’s going on in
your life it don’t even have to be that deep it could be you are working more
hours at work you’ve just moved to a brand new city and you don’t know the
area very well give perspective about what’s going on and once you get
perspective and you can begin to deal with those underlying issues the second
thing I did is this idea I like to call a dropping bread crumb go back to what
you were doing when you first started your diet when you were feeling happy
about healthy eating when you were meal prepping I asked myself the same
question and I and I wrote it down and one of my first diet was these are some
of the foods I was eating I was having a v8 and a salad a Lean Cuisine some
turkey hotdogs chicken breast brown rice and salad and fruits as as dessert and
please don’t write me yes I know the lot of that service process but hey it’s
what I was doing and just the memory of this it got me smiling
they got me fun because I remember how I felt I felt so accomplished I felt so
OnPoint and even though I wouldn’t buy some of these foods right now
immediately it gave me some ideas about what I could do be doing right now if I
wanted to add some variety to my diet and don’t take my word for it you can
look at some of the professional athletes you watch them oftentimes when
they’re going through some of their loads what they’ll do is they will go
back to their old high school coach or there are all that middle school coaches
they’ll go back to their parents who are coaching them for four and work with
this why is that important when they were working with them they were in love
with their sports they were loving it and they felt it and they want to get
back to that so that’s what you have to do here with your diet go back to what
you were doing before go back to your old routines it could ignite that fire
that will get you back on the road to eating well again the third thing I did
to get out of the diet rut was I changed my environment and I changed up my
routine in order to get variety in my life one thing that I love to do is I
love to shop around at different supermarkets
I live in downtown Dallas but I will go all the way at like 20 30 miles out some
time to go to a different work store and people will see me they said hey I don’t
know you the two lived over here I don’t but there is a lot of value in
changing up your environment different supermarkets and different areas they
will offer different products and different foods and it’s in those
product offerings that allows you to get new variety and new ideas into your own
diet and the reality is if you don’t switch up your environment you’re always
going to have what you have and it’s funny how you will go to different
stores searching for a shoe a brand new t-shirt a dress why won’t you do that
when it comes to your diet and this is especially true for ethnic cuisine many
cities have different pockets so here in Dallas you can go to a Japanese food
store Indian Market a Mexican essential American market and all these different
places provide you with different products so that you can enrich your own
diet and lastly on this topic of changing your environment getting
variety eat out don’t be so concerned about
being super healthy that you are zip locking your entire life new experiences
eating out and enjoying the military pole really helps us to socialize and it
brings us together and if you can’t afford to well you can also eat end but
have seemed nice so one night you’re going to make a great Mexican dish
another night and Italian night whatever it is whether you eat out or stay in you
can make it work for you the fourth thing I did to get myself out
of the diet rut is I had food challenges on fit men cook calm I post monthly food
calendars that has a food challenge really every single week and I did this
because I wanted to mirror what I was doing in my own personal lives each week
I would challenge myself to try a brand new food and I look forward to trying
something new every single week so when we try out a brand new vegetable and I
would go into the internet do a search for healthy recipes with that vegetable
and then go and make it and other days I would say all right I’m going to try out
a brand new complex carbohydrate because I’m tired of just eating quinoa rice and
sweet potato expand my horizon and all those things led to my kitchen
competency my confidence in the kitchen and it allowed me to be able to
understand how to pair foods together so that way I can get variety and have a
really enriched diet often times we have anxiety about eating out or just foods
in general because we lack the knowledge so having these food challenges in place
allows you to experiment with new food and lastly one of the final things I did
to get myself out of a diet rut is I never stopped learning one of my
favorite scriptures is the concept that we all have heard before and it’s
reaping and sowing whatever you sow you will reap in other religions it’s Karma
when the philosophy doing good and the universe is going to get back to you but
whatever concept you believe in understand this whenever you nourish
your body with healthy foods your body responds positively so whenever you are
able to nourish your mind about new diets and trends and foods you’re able
to take those things and apply them to your own life as needed in the way that
you can sustain and that you can manage that makes sense for you never get to a
place where you that you just know it all whenever you
get to that point that’s when you stop growing so be yourself new ideas and new
perspectives this is particularly true if you are in the health and wellness
industry but you’re on the service side so you are a trainer you are a motivator
you are a nutritionist you are a coach you are somebody that people have deemed
as a resource you are a cookie dog meaning people see you and they see
cookies and they reach their hand in they take it out and they eat it
very rarely do people put cookies back into the jar and so what happens to you
then you yourself are emptied out and you don’t haven’t enough substance for
you to dig yourself out of your own diet right so if you find yourself as the
only resource for everyone around you then still help people but you’ve got to
find yourself another place where people can pour into you where you aren’t the
smartest person in the room where you’re feeling challenged and that way you can
have a sufficient supply of cookies for all those hungry people that you are
empowering and helping out everybody finds themselves at a place where
they’re not feeling as motivated but the difference between those people and
everybody else is how they respond how are you going to respond to your own
diet it’s time to get up from the couch stop feeling sorry for yourself
stop lamenting those five pounds of to loss that you already gained back last
weekend it’s time to get over it understand your surroundings drop
breadcrumbs and go back to those basics change your environment your routine and
get variety have some healthy food challenges and number five never stop
learning well that’s it for today’s video I hope that you all enjoyed it to
some degree we have all experienced that that place where we’re not feeling as
enthusiastic about this healthy journey so understand that your circumstances
right now are not uncommon you want that special you’re special but you aren’t
that special and what’s going to separate you from everybody else is how
you respond to this you can continue to wallow in the diet rut like I did for
years or you can take your diet by the ring and guide yourself
out of this and once you do it this one time you’re going to be able to do this
every single time I guarantee I don’t worry about this anymore
because I know how to find my way back to that impassioned place where I’m
excited about my diet I’m excited about healthy living if you like videos like
this I invite you to hit that like button below but more so than that I
want you to take just a couple seconds and if you’ve ever been in a diet rut I
want you to share your experience below in the comment section and also share
how you got out of that diet rut and it’s through these ideas through the
sharing of all of these ideas that our community is going to continue growing
and thriving again I want to thank y’all for watching until next time I want to
try to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring Oh bye

100 Replies to “How to Get Motivated to Eat Healthy Again?”

  1. This video came just in time I am trying to break my rut. I have 28 pounds until I hit my goal weight and this last few pounds have been Plaguing me! Thank you!

  2. I really needed to hear this. Ive been in a huge rut lately and need to snap out of it. Thanks for the tips!

  3. the way you explained made me self conscious about many thing I've ignored about my diet.thanks so much fam!??

  4. this video came right on time. Have been in a diet rut for a few weeks now. About to head to the store to buy some healthy food to start prepping again! 🙂

  5. I never comment but this video right here is what I needed. I just started my journey this is my third week and I feel stuck already smh this was much needed. Thank you for this video!

  6. I am in a diet rut now! Thank you so much for these suggestions. Very Helpful! I take it day by day and try not to beat myself up to much. I have been incorporating small items like having a healthy meal or doing 30 min of exercise to help get me back to where I was when I first started my fitness journey.

  7. Great analogy using the cookie jar when it comes to the importance of taking self-care and enhancing your inner self by seeking support from those that have different insights, perspectives, deeper knowledge especially when you work in the health industry. I spend time working with highly talented healthcare/allied health providers who often have a hard time doing this until something negative happens.

  8. I´m just getting out of my diet rut. Turns out it took (and will take more) therapy. Simply because I haven´t been doing that self care thing and when I decided it was time to start with it I couldn´t figure out how on my own.

  9. Yo decidí dejar de hacer dietas, y empezar a comer saludable, ya perdí 7 libras. Puedo usar tus recetas, para bajar de peso?, o tus recetas solo son para gente que van constantemente al gimnacio?. me encanta tus videos, y me encanta tu personalidad, vas a ser un gran esposo, algún día. ? Gracias.

  10. I too am in the same position as the guy you spoke to, I'm 15lbs away from rejoining the military THATS ALL THATS KEEPING ME FROM GOING FORWARD

  11. This video was great! I work in the helping profession, I can totally relate to the cookie jar metaphor. I like the message that we have to take respond for our own happiness and wellbeing.

  12. Definitely needed to hear this. Trying so hard to make a permanent lifestyle change so I don't have to go through ups and downs of dieting.

  13. Kevin my husband and I needed this! loved your tip about going back so true! muchas gracias from Toronto, Canada ???

  14. Needed this pep talk today! I've been so unmotivated to cook and eat healthy lately. Will definitely be applying these steps to get back in track

  15. I really needed to hear this. I've been going with a nutritionist for about a 7 months now, and I've been training gymnastics for about 2 years now. I started going to the nutritionist because I wanted to know what I was eating, because I wanted to know someone got my back. Just about a month or two ago, I started feeling the struggle of the "Diet Rut". I didn't want to eat healthy anymore, I didn't want cook anymore. I just thought it would be so boring to do the same thing again. I've been feeling bad every time I ate meat, and I just realized I can't eat it anymore.
    This video helped me realize that I want to make a good change to my diet: I want to become a vegetarian. I've been wanting to do that a long time ago, but I was kinda limited because my family eats a lot of meat. Now, I feel confident enough to go and learn about new fruits, new vegetables, new food in general that can help me feel better. Thank you, Kevin. really, thank you.

  16. really, who would break up with you. i have a beautiful daughter that's available. actually when i first started watching you a long time ago, i said you two would make a great couple. let me know if you are interested.

  17. Thanks for the great video Kevin! I've been meal prepping for about 3 weeks now, and sometimes I have trouble figuring out what kind of combinations to use. This was very motivational for me, so thank you! Have a great week, my friend. Oh, and I hope there are more challenge calendars soon, I always got some good ideas there. 😉 I do use the older ones from time to time, but new ones would be awesome to see. Keep up the great work! 😀

  18. This video was so awesome man! I have fallen off and got back on the diet several times before. Some of the ways I have got out of a rut:

    I agreed to attend an exercise class (circuit training) with one of my friends. I was fat and unfit. It hurt and it sucked…. but the next morning I woke up, made oatmeal with no sugar etc. and went for a run the same day.

    I have also set my sights on a long-term goal – for example training for an MMA fight or running a half marathon. A goal like this is a great motivator for both exercise and diet.

    thanks again Kevin! good luck to everyone here. You're doing great 🙂

  19. Thanks for the video…in a tough place and trying to motivate myself to get back into my exercise and diet routine…I have been off track for about 6 months and needless to say I'm feeling pretty hopeless at this point. I want to be motivated to eat healthy and exercise again…any advice would be great on how to get back in that motivated state to exercise and all that good stuff

  20. Hey Kev! Love al your content, when are you going to post your vlog of your trip to Colombia? I would love to see your experience here. Saludos ?

  21. Thank you for sharing Kev, very inspiring. Whenever I talk to my coworkers about you (after they admire a receipt of yours), they say I talk about you like I know you personally. My wife tells me the same thing.
    I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge! Always wishing the best.

  22. Kevin, your content is amazing; this is probably my favorite video you've posted thus far. You are incredibly insightful and offer fresh ideas to the table! Can't wait to get your book!! Always supporting you and your work 🙂

  23. I'm stuck in a diet rug and I'm not even on a diet, I eat relatively healthy and still no matter what I eat I ALWAYS suffer from bloating and it discourages me because I always feel fat ?

  24. Thank you Kevin, I needed this. I'm often the go to person among my circle of friends for healthy eating. I'm the crazy one who's always taking photos of my meals and inventing new healthy recipes.  I started getting burned out late last year since I had more obstacles to contend with (stress at work, more demands on my schedule, working on my master's and heartbreak…sigh!). Not only have I been exhausted, I feel like I've stopped making progress. When I came across your fitmencook page on FB, I felt reinvigorated about healthy eating again. I still struggle with balance and progress is slow since my schedule is still demanding however I'm constantly gaining new knowledge with all the great information you provide. TY. I can relate to your cookie jar analogy. A few things I try to do when I need to motivate myself is continually recondition my mind, restate my goals, and put my goals in front of me. Writing a little mantra that you can refer to, about why you started this whole journey can be helpful too. Thanks for all that you do. Truly inspiring!

  25. Hey Kevin! I'm 5 feet 4 inches, 23 y/o and 203 lb, and I'm preparing myself to get the gastric balloon inserted into my stomach (this was the recommended procedure for me because it isn't as invasive as others and it's reversible). Your video is so inspiring and came at the best timing when I'm struggling to change my mindset so that this procedure is not just temporary but it's a change of lifestyle, SO THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU FOR THAT. Do you have any other tips or recommendations to get into the right mindset before a bariatric procedure? (I know you haven't undergone one, but you are one of the influencers that inspires me the most trust when it comes to fitness and health, so I wanted to come to you first) Thanks in advance!

  26. I wish I could met you or just chat with you! You seem like a legit type of guy! Why don't you ever have met and greets? ❤️❤️❤️???? you have inspired me so so much! Thank you so much for all the amazing tips and recipes!!! You have open a new lifestyle for myself!!!❤️?

  27. Preach it Kevin!!! God has great plans for you! Trust the process and Trust God!!!! Your doing amazing!!❤️????

  28. This was so timely. I am progressively gaining weight and so unmotivated and couldn't figure out why. Thank you! What a Godsend!

  29. How do you stay on track when you find out you can't eat what you are use to? I was recently diagnosed with a gluten, dairy, and egg allergy. I don't lie the taste of whole foods. My spouse refuses to change from ramen noodle and cheap eats to whole foods. I also have a baby who we will have to teach as well. I am so tired of the rut I am in currently. How to stay on track when you are always going, full time school, job, and family.

  30. this video is super motivating…but lets me know we gotta wait even longer for that amazing book. looks like your tasty videos will carry me through ?

  31. Great resources for someone starting to cook on their own! Keep up the positive vibes! And shout out for visiting Israel!

  32. I hate being in the kitchen. Mostly because I'm absolutely TERRIBLE at it. I can fuck up the simplest meals, make a huge mess & it doesn't even taste good. I have no business being in the kitchen & don't even wanna touch my leftovers. I end up just wasting everything and looking toward take-out. I need a robot chef lol

  33. WOOOOOOOOW!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! This is exactly what I needed to hear today to not give up on bettering myself with my health. I really liked this video because I reflected on how I can apply these 5 points in many aspects of life. They can carry over into many ruts I want to get myself out of! Baby steps, slowly but surely, with consistency I can achieve this goal. Thank you thank you so much!!!! Those cookies were delicious and nutritious!!! ?

  34. Thank you, I needed to hear this today! 🙂 I've been eating unhealthy since last Friday and I havent worked out since Monday, and I was so discourage but couldn't get back up. After watching this video, I feel more empowered to get back on track today. I am planning to eat healthy and workout today. I will check in with you to let you know I've accomplished that goal today. off to the kitchen to make my green smoothie! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  35. Absolutely loved this. I was in a rut just a few weeks ago. Then I stumbled on a YouTube channel that I found pretty interesting and decided to buy one of the products mentioned. Eventually I began using gochujang in everything from homemade soups/ramen bowls to rubs and a topping for a bowl of rice. This later led me to use rice paper rolls and miracle noddles that I absolutely love. I also made a habit of replacing a high protein snack (yogurt or protein pancakes) with a bag full of fresh raw veggies and a fruit of choice (typically grapes or strawberries bc they're great on the go foods). I felt full and was amazed that I could get raw veggies without a dipping sauce of some sort. TMI maybe, but whenever I'm feeling really low, I stand in front of a mirror naked and compliment myself (a little cheesy but it helps!) Love for self is the most important kind. I also stay away from the scale until I feel like I can read the number & not obsess over it. And I typically push myself to lift heavier and end the night reading for at least 30 minutes.

  36. Found your video very MOTIVATING! Will recommend your channel to my fellow physical therapy colleagues. My wife & I look forward to your future posts!

  37. I would say one of the most distracting things for me on my diet is holiday food. You know it's hard sometimes around the holidays because you are thinking about "okay what healthy-ish thing can you eat on the 4th of July bbq?" So you end up going to the bbq and say ok, one hamburger, just one… Not so bad. But then potato salad, mac and cheese, sweet-potato pie. How do I stay motivated on the diet if this is what I have to look forward to denying myself? Help?! Love your videos, dude!

  38. Loved this video! As a health professional, I get burned out too. After exercise programming, nutrition programming, personal training, exercising for myself, food prepping, I find myself at a point where I don't feel as motivated. When I get to that point I take two days of self-nurturing, where I do all the things I've been wanting to do and only that. During those days I think about what I want to change. Then I get excited about those changes. One of the most important things I've learned through my career is prioritizing one's happiness and balancing that with everything else that is personally important.

    To keep myself happy and balanced, I limit my clients to 8/day, 5 days/week. I keep my work at work as I want my home to be happy and relaxing. I don't answer calls and texts from clients after a certain hour. I meal prep only one day a week. I eat out twice a week, and I get inspiration from those meals to make them fit my diet accordingly. I get workouts at an MMA gym now because it gives me a break from work; and it's something I've always wanted to do.

  39. I like this vid. I'm always looking for different ways to stay motivated with my diet. What works for me is no processed foods and plenty water. The amount of water I drink daily (a gallon per day) helps me with cravings. Keeps me on track.

    Great recipes Kevin even the ones you made with Jeanette Jenkins ?

  40. I'm in a fitness rut right now. I still eat healthy but I have no desire to work out andi use to love hitting the gym ad seeing my body get stronger smh

  41. I would randomly choose restaurants on Yelp and recreate an menu item or choose a new cuisine to make at home weekly!

  42. This video really spoke to me…Thank you so much for sharing! Going back to what worked for you in the past is key.

  43. Great video Kevin and timely one for me. I've been pulling myself out of my own rut by revisiting what worked previously. It's about the discipline and tapping into that which has made the difference for me. Thanks for sharing these points – just reaffirms my path and direction.

  44. You're awesome! This video came at a good time because I've been in a rut for about a year now, and it feels debilitating. To change that, I'm implementing small changes in my life again. It's taking time, but I'm not giving up. I miss how great I used to feel when I ate well, exercised, and always having motivation. I need to go back to that and not make too many excuses. The analogy you made, connecting us to a cookie jar, put a lot in perspective. In the past, I was definitely being emptied out and getting nothing in return. Thank you for this video! You're still the first and most favorite channel that I follow.

  45. I had to learn over the years that you have to pick yourself up over and over again. Everyone is experiencing downs in their diet but you have the possibility to start all over again every single day no matter how long you have “cheated“.
    Everytime you start again you have learned new skills that make the restart easier. Never give up!

  46. Great content. Thanks for sharing, I'm very happy for your success … you seem like a cool dude. Congrats.

  47. Very inspiring ! Thank you for this video, it's definitely a pep talk for the journey I'm currently on 🙂

  48. Great video! Just got exited watching this! It would be great if you could make a video about some recipes with basic foods. I live in a country where we don't have so much variety in stores so sometimes it's a problem to find recipes because most of them were made where you can't find a variety of foods in stores. Keep on going, love your videos!
    Best regards from Croatia!

  49. Loved, loved, loved this! Have you read Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat yet? Totally would recommend it as a cooking resource read. 🙂 Also, would love to see some recipes with tamarind or cactus leaves.

  50. Definitely feeling motivated right now. Thank you for always striving to be better. My husband and I started our journey following your $75 meal prep. Your very inspiring. We miss you on Snapchat. ???????

  51. My diet depression – I was working a monotonous job that was really stressful where I had a total micro manager – my colleagues would constantly go to McDonald's or to the chip shop for lunch. It was easy to agree to that crap every day and my office had no windows and it was in a bad area, you wouldn't want to go for a walk at lunch time there. So I just ate rubbish – did no exercise and put on 20lbs. I got out of it by slowly changing things – I'd make a smoothie for breakfast, I'd take my lunch to work , I'd stop ordering takeaways. It was just small small, slow steps that made a huge difference. I eventually got a new job too.

  52. Thank you for your support and information! Your are so positive and energizing! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR! To stop wallowing! Change it up! Go back to that place when I was enthused about my eating. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!

  53. Thanks for the advice. Dieting has been hard because of everyone in my house. Eats the worse food and Makes it hard. But now I'm at a place financially where I can buy my own food.

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