How to Lose weight fast /better and glowing skin/healthy body and more. The Benefits of CHIA SEEDS

Hi guys and welcome back to our channel Now I’m going to show you how to lose weight Naturally without exercise or without diet And to have healthy skin beautiful skin better skin and better health too Before I start make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed yet. Without further ado this is it What I am going to introduce to you is Chia seeds This is how it looks like if you’re not familiar with it It’s dry seeds It’s super tiny, much smaller than rice It looks like quinoa That’s how it looks like Though it’s very tiny, it is packed with nutrients so it is called one of the SUPER FOODS These are some of the nutrients we can get from chia seeds 2 tablespoons of chia seeds contains It’s very high in nutrients These are some of the benefits of chia seeds It’s not only for weight loss and good skin. it’s for healthier body as well Rich in nutrients, good for skin and aging It can delay the signs of aging we may get at the early age Sometimes even 25yrs old already have wrinkles, fine lines etc. Chia seeds may help to delay visible signs of aging Chia seeds also help to those who got acne and other skin problems Good for heart coz it’s really high in omega 3 We know that omega 3 is good for the heart and also for skin Chia seeds for weight loss and building muscles It’s good for those who do body building It is loaded with antioxidants that makes it good for the skin and health Improves digestive health Coz it’s rich in fiber It also helps constipated people and make it easier for them. Excellent for diabetes It lowers the blood sugar Help boost body metabolism Also good for dental health Coz it’s rich in calcium It also help to have stronger bones and stronger teeth After we’ve discussed the benefits of chia seeds It also have zinc Potassium, vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 B3 It also have fiber, protein Omega 3, calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus So many nutrients that’s why it’s known as super food So how to take chia seeds? We can’t just eat it like this coz we might get choked It’s always better Or the best way to consume chia seeds Is to hydrate it first in water Get a container I prefer to use glass container so we can see how the seeds change it’s appe We need like warm water here Not hot Just Luke warm water So 2 tablespoons of chia seeds I will put 2 tablespoons Of chia seeds I chose to film here coz it’s noisy downstairs, may husband is watching TV, and he’s noisy. So 2 tablespoons of chia seeds Just like that Then add the warm water to the jan The water should be so much more than the chia seeds Coz chia seeds will absorb the water So it’s really better to use warm water for faster absorption And these seeds, they swell And get bigger in size when hydrated It can get 12-15x bigger that it’s original size You can see it’s very tiny now, but when it gets hydrated it gets bigger I will just add water Then stir it well, make sure seeds don’t stick to each other Stir it well for the better absorption of the water to each seeds Then wait til the water gets room temperature Then you may put it in the fridge for overnight Or even 30 mins if you want to drink it already This jar of seeds I’ve already soaked overnight I’ve prepared it for you to see This is how it looks like As you can see the seeds are bigger And it already occupied the space of the jan The seeds swelled already When it gets bigger The jar looks fuller And it will have a jelly like coating So you can drink it easily And when it looks like this You may now mix it with your favorite healthy drinks We usually mix it with organic almond milk This milk is so good especially when making chia seed pudding Coz this milk is healthier than other milk It is organic, non dairy and non GMO You won’t have any problem coz it’s not a dairy product This milk is commonly used in making chia pudding You may also mix chia seeds when making a smoothie Grind it with your favorite fruits etc. Or you may also mix it with your favorite juices We aften use aloe Vera juice Coz we like healthy drinks than drinking chemicals Coz most of orange and pineapple drinks in the market are made with lots of chemicals We are avoiding putting chemicals in our body That’s why we are trying our best to be healthy Just get a tumbler or glass Look at those chia seeds with jelly coating Just put some in your tumbler or glass The 2 tablespoons of chia seeds is already good for 2-3 persons Like this, just mix it with your juice or milk Just make sure that you will use healthy drinks as well. That’s it, ready to drink now. It’s smooth and easy to take This is so good and refreshing Very simple yet super healthy Try it for atleast 2 weeks And you will feel the result in yourself For faster weight loss Without exercise and diet But still exercise is very helpful But if you really want to lose weight faster This is what you’re going to do You have chia seeds Upon waking up in the morning Slice a lemon Get pure honey Mix it in warm water Squeeze the lemon In warm water then add honey Then mix your chia seeds in it Stir everything together That will be you warm drink. Drink it first thing in the morning on empty stomach Then wait 30 mins before eating anything You may even skip your breakfast coz chia seeds are already high in protein And you may feel full already Do this for straight 2 weeks And you’ll see the effect on your body And that’s it I hope this video will help you Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel Bye💜

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  1. Ang sa Akin sis tubig lng lemon at honey un ang ini enom ko tuwing umaga wla Pa kain at sa gabi 30mns bago ko ulit inomin

  2. Yung binabad ko po na 2tbsp na chia seeds. Aabot po ba siya ng ilang araw? Kasi kung ganun kadami di ko mauubos in a day. Thanks in advance

  3. Kapag po ba na soak ung chia seeds, need po bang alisin un water na pinag soakan nung chia seeds bago ilagay sa ref po?

  4. Drin ttoo to ksi umiinnom ako nito arw arw Pg ngggym ako yn iniinum k dpa ako msiadong kumakain pero timbng k gnon pdin d ngbbgo

  5. Sinubukan kong inumin yan halo lng sa tubig pero di ko kaya kse bumabara sa lalamunan ko. Kaya tinigilan ko na.

  6. How many ml of water po for 2 tbsp chia seeds po? Sabi mo lang po kasi marami, yung exact po sana? Hihe thanks

  7. un sinoak ba na two tablespoon , ilang gamitan ba yun sa may warm water na lemon and honey .. ilan araw icoconsume un sinoak na chia seeds thanks..

  8. un sinoak ba na two tablespoon , ilang gamitan ba yun sa may warm water na lemon and honey .. ilan araw icoconsume un sinoak na chia seeds thanks..

  9. Pwde ko ba sya inumin kahit nag memedicine ako for a week? Nag antibiotic kasi ako for 2 weeks sayang ung na overnyt ko na chia seed.

  10. Mayroon akong parehong bagay ngunit malaki ang minahan. nagkakahalaga ito ng $ 19. sa Walmart. Ginagamit ko ito sa agahan at inumin ..

  11. hi napanood ko po vidz mo. just asking meron akong 1L na bottled water okay na ba un sa 2tbsp the whole day water lang no juices? TIA 🙂
    and what if hndi ilalagay sa ref nasisira po ba un??

  12. Thankyou Ms. Alex na try ko na din sya and nagwork sakin. Healthy and madaming benefits sa katawan ang nabbigay ng chia seed. Try nyo din guys panuorin sa channel ko kung paano ung ibang way pag gawa ng chia seeds. ❤

  13. Pero ndi lahat pede..mabuti mag pa konsulta muna kayo sa doctor..dati problema ko mataba lng aq makinis mukha ngayon napanuod ko sa you tube ginawa ko araw araw hinahalo sa tubig..ngayon nsngyari sa mukha ko maraming tagyawat ang laki pa

  14. ito Yong hinahanap ko na video. Thank you ma'am ? tanong ko po yong nasa jar ba na nilagay mo na inovernight sa ref kailangan ba ubusin Yan for one day or ano? Thank you po sa sagot.

  15. #845 Wow galing ng views mam.Di kana mahirapan by the time na mareview ka.Congrats.New friend & follower at sana visit my nipahut.Thanks for sharing????

  16. Hi! Very informative!! Can you tell me how many times a day we have to drink it, and how many times per week!? And what is the almond milk for?? Thank you

  17. Mam, pakireviews po ung chia, its good for me nmn kaya lng one disgusting i hate,.. My konting maliit n itim n nkahalo mnsan.. Ng durugin ko its like dumi ng ipis.. And i tried many times.. Its really have

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