Is Soy Healthy for Breast Cancer Survivors?

[Music] soy foods have become controversial in recent years even among health professionals exacerbated by misinformation found on the Internet chief among the misconceptions is that soy foods promote breast cancer because they contain a class of phytoestrogen compounds called isoflavones since estrogens can promote breast cancer growth it’s natural to some phytoestrogens might too but people don’t realize there are two types of estrogen receptors in the body alpha and beta and unlike actual estrogens soy phytoestrogens preferentially bind to and activate estrogen receptor beta this distinction is important because the two types of receptors have different tissue distributions and often function differently and sometimes in opposite ways and this appears to be the case in the breast where beta activation has an anti estrogen ik effect inhibiting the growth promoting effects of actual estrogen something we’ve known for more than 10 years is no excuse anymore the effects of estradiol the primary human estrogen on breast cells are completely opposite to those of soy phytoestrogens which have antiproliferative effects on breast cancer cells even at the low concentrations one gets in one’s bloodstream eating just a few servings of soy which makes sense given that after eating a cup of soy beans the levels in our blood cause significant beta receptor activation so we did this outdated notion that soy could increase breast cancer risk come from the concern was based largely on research that showed that the main soy phytoestrogen genestein stimulates the growth of mammary tumors in a type of mouse but it turns out we’re not actually mice we metabolize soy isoflavones very differently from rodents the same soy leads to 20 to 150 times higher levels in the blood stream of rodents the breast cancer mouse in question was 58 times higher so if you ate 58 cups of soybeans a day you could get some significant alpha activation – but thankfully we’re not hairless a thermic overreact to – mice and we don’t end in 58 cups of soybeans a day and just a few servings of soy day with the excess beta activation we would assume so I would actively help prevent breast cancer and indeed soy intake during childhood adolescence and adult life were each associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer those women who ate the most soil in their youth appear to grow up to have less than half the risk this may help explain why breast cancer rates are so much higher here than in Asia yet when Asians come over to the u.s. to start eating and living like Americans their risk shoots right up for example women in Connecticut way at the top of the breast cancer risk heap in their 50s have like 10 times more breast cancer than women in their 50s living in Japan but it’s not just genetic since when they move here their breast cancer rates go up generation after generation as they assimilate into our culture our the anti-estrogen ik effects of soy foods enough to actually change the course of the disease we didn’t know until the first human study on soy food intake and breast cancer survival was published in 2009 in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggesting that among women with breast cancer soy food consumption was significantly associated with decreased risk of death and breast cancer recurrence followed by another study and then another all with similar findings that was enough for the American Cancer Society who brought together a wide range of cancer experts to offer nutrition guidelines for cancer survivors concluding that if anything soy foods should be beneficial since then two additional studies have been published for a total of five and they all point in the same direction five out of five tracking more than 10,000 breast cancer patients pulling all the results soy food intake after breast cancer diagnosis was associated with reduced mortality meaning a longer life span and reduced recurrence so less likely the cancer comes back anyone who says otherwise hasn’t cracked a journal open in seven years and this improved survival was for both women with estrogen receptor negative tumors and estrogen sceptre positive tumors and for both younger women and for older women pass the edamame [Music] you

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  1. Too bad soy has been demonised so much in the past that I think most prefer alternatives. And though the beans might still be safe there are some new nasty soy isolate containing products out there of which I've heard raise IGF-1 as much as dairy… Still thanks for clearing this up.

  2. There bad information going around about the estrogen and how it causes cancer. Vegan Gains debunked it in one of his videos.

  3. I love my vanilla soy latte, and now I learned it is not so bad for me! Thank you Dr. Greger for your YouTube videos.

  4. Could you do a video on soy and endometriosis? I have a friend who likely has endo, and they are afraid of eating soy because of estrogen, yet consume meat and dairy!

  5. My mom's doctor told her to avoid soy when she got her breat cancer diagnosis, she is even scarred of all legumes now… Just because her doctor said so she won't listen to anything else, what do I do?

  6. I understand that Endometriosis is exacerbated by at least naturally occurring estrogen in the body. I have a friend who wants to go whole-plant based, but she's afraid of making her issue worse since soy products are common. We are going to work around soy products for now, which is easy enough, but has there been studies, or does anyone know of the effects of soy products and Endometriosis?

  7. I know Dr. Greger has information about metals in vaccines vs food but does he go into detail about what he thinks about childhood vaccinations?
    I have a child that has had her vaccines and has developmental delays. Didn't give any to my son, who despises meat, very, very little cheese consumption, drinks only cashew and almond milk but still ended up with developmental delays (he'll be 3yrs this month).

    My state doesn't have exceptions other than medical for non vaccinated children entering public schools, which is interfering with early intervention education for my son.

    I know it's controversial but I trust Dr Greger to not be bias with medical school teachings vs facts.


    the most common pesticide causes loss of testosterone.

  9. "But we're not mice." Lol! 😄
    I was a bottle fed🍼 baby and my mom always says I was her weird child because I would only drink soy formula. Always been a fan of soy milk, have tried other plant based milks but I always come back to soy.

  10. I hope there was a specific list so people don't get confused. Are we just talking about edamame beans here? How about tempeh, tofu, soy-based fake meats, soy sauce, soy protein isolate etc.?

  11. Dont believe anything you M.D. Doctors say anymore….especially what the breast cancer society says. All Gov. Funded….greedy and liers. Everyone is starting to wake up to the fact you all are poisoning us. You can keep your Chemo and radiation ….I will stay alternative. Soy is bad for you…PERIOD.

  12. If you haven't already, can you do a video on the effects of soy on men? It seems like one of the main complaints men have about soy is that it decreases testosterone. I did a bit of my own research but would like to hear your views on it.

  13. too many people have already been brainwashed by big dairy and think soy is bad makes you grow breasts. these neebs are gullible propaganda followers.

  14. Soy foods are "controversial" solely for their detrimental effects on meat and animal milk sales.

  15. Please do a video on eating tofu while thyroid issues. That would be very interesting. A lot of people say I should quit eating soy, because of my low working thyroid. ❤

  16. My daughter looooves edamame :o) When she was a baby we weren't vegan… we tried to feed her meat – she hated it! We tried to "sneak" it in her food – she wouldn't eat it! LOL We are all vegan now (thanks to research we did when she decided to be vegan herself as a toddler – research showed she didn't need meat; but simply the right plant foods). Thanks to people like you – parents like us have up-to-date information to make informed decisions. Much luv 🙂

  17. This video goes against so many articles and research that I have read talking about how soy is the most GMO and pesticide product on the market. That's why it's so cheap, because it's so easily grown due to genetic modifications. I trust Dr. Gregor, I have been following his channel for at least a year. This is the first video I am questioning, but it's good, now I have to go and do my own research. I find it strange that in this day and age there is still so much conflicting information about nutrition available all over the Internet. And all those complicated studies with tailored results, make it even harder for general population to understand nutrition. so much reading ahead!

  18. too many correlations cited here. Asian cultures eat soy differently to the west. More often fermented and or served with sea vegetables.

  19. Well presented data, I am not worried about breast cancer risk, but it is overall allergies and indigestion to soy protein. Also, carrigean used in soy milk causes inflamation.

  20. I have a question. Would you say these results would count with soy milk as well? I used to drink soy milk all the time (it was organic) and quit a few years ago in an attempt to not consume anything too processed… Since then however my monthly cycles have gotten so much worse and additionally I developed melasma on my face – which my dermatologists claims occurs bc of hormonal reasons. I'm wondering if I'd be better off just starting to incorporate some soy back in to my life <3 Thanks if anyone takes the time to read this, I love and share your videos with everyone I know – reason based arguments for living a plant based lifestyle are A+++. xoxo

  21. I heard that there was a difference in fermented Soy and unfermented Soy. Do these differences play a role? It does not appear that these studies specify. Also, can the fact too, that gmo Soy is what contributes to breast cancer, and not Soy (organic)? Would like to hear your thoughts.

  22. Please do a video on the goitrogens in soy Vs the goitrogens in other foods like strawberries and cabbage. Does soy have higher levels of goitrogens and if so, is this reason to avoid it?

  23. I'm curious as to how much soybean you have to eat to stay between the 0-10 concentration (nM), shown in the chart at 2:15. That green line to red line ratio is impressive!

  24. How about this for Triple Negative Breast cancers with no Estrogen receptor alpha expressioon activity?

  25. I just passed this information on to a colleague. I hope that with this new information, she can feel safer knowing consumption of soy not only doesn't increase her risk of recurrence, but significantly HELPS.

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