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(upbeat music) – So my experience with Mighty Night over the past 30 days
has been pretty amazing. – With Mighty Night my
skin feels so much softer. I have not been wearing as much makeup, I barely put on tinted moisturizer, I haven’t used foundation
at all which is so amazing, and honestly my skin, my
hands feel really good, too. I had eczema a little bit
right here, it’s gone. – Definitely my legs. I would always say, “Oh,
I’m super sensitive, “I have to use extra special lotions, “and I have to dry and air dry.” I’ve been putting on
lotion, regular pants, shorts, whatever and I’m fine. – Also I had fewer breakouts
which I’m very happy about. – I’ve tried all different
types of skin care, and moisturizers, and anti wrinkle creams, and all that stuff. And none of it has given
me results like this has. – ‘Cause I get kind of
awkward a little bit when people say how nice my skin is and I’m just like, hmm. So now it’s like extra,
and I’m like, Oh gosh. I was like, Mighty Night,
you’re makin’ me look too good. Too good. – So before taking Mighty
Night I was waking up tired and exhausted and like, ugh. Okay, push myself, okay
let’s get up, get up. Since taking Mighty
Night I pop up energized with more energy. I don’t need coffee or anything
like that which is great. – Since I started taking
Might Night my general mood has been better ’cause I’m sleeping better and I wake rested and I
don’t wake groggy or tired which I’ve taken other sleep supplements and I’ve woken up super
groggy and kinda hazy and I don’t feel that way with this. – Okay so Mighty Night I wake up, and then I look at the
time, and then I’m like, okay, it’s 6:30 in the morning, and I wanna wake up at 6:30,
rather before it would be like, oh, God please, no. And, can I stay asleep
just a little bit longer. The kids, are they okay, are they awake? I don’t wanna make any noise
or tip toe around the house. I’m like, I’m gonna get up and
we’re gonna start this day, and I feel I don’t believe it. I shouldn’t be this happy. – It’s completely changed how I sleep, how restful I am when I wake up, and how I can approach my day and then the longevity after I work. – I don’t wake up as much
and I actually wake up feeling like I’ve rested so I love that. – I mean, I feel like I
could be standing on a corner instead of stealing oranges
I’m selling Mighty Night to all of these women
in Beverly Hills like, hi you wanna look like me? have this. – I mean, who doesn’t wanna
have great skin and be happy? – And now I wake up
and I’m like, hah, hey! Look at you! And I just I love waking up, which is, I feel like I
didn’t like that before. So, thank you Mighty Night.

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