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Welcome to the online virtual Parent Academy. I am Stephnie Sahadeo the virtual Parent Academy moderator for this event. We’re excited to have you join us this evening for the second virtual Parent Academy of the school year. Tonight’s session is titled What’s your E I. OCPS Parent Academy is a district wide initiative designed to enhance student achievement through the support of community and family involvement. The Parent Academy focuses on three primary tracks student achievement parenting and advocacy and personal and individualized growth. The parent academy provides a wide range of information enabling parents to make informed decisions about their child’s educational journey. We have hosted two parent Academy so far this year at Boone and Oak Ridge High School. Our next parent Academy will be geared towards secondary students. On January 24th two thousand twenty at Edgewater high school. The virtual Parent Academy team moderators for this evening are Patrice Hall and Alina Davis. Program Specialist. Megan Sargent Pierre Malvoisin Maria Carreras. And myself Stephnie Sahadeo. I would like to take a moment to say welcome and thank you to everyone this evening that is logging into our second session and a big thank you to the host sites throughout Orange County District that have given the families an opportunity to view this event at their school site. This is our second time using the big blue button. This platform has some similar features a safari montage but more capabilities. This is a newer and more up to date streaming platform so we shouldn’t experience much interruption in the program in case there are any issues. We have some of the big blue button technical staff tuning in with us to help us troubleshoot. We have worked alongside their technical team to work out all of the glitches that we experienced during the first virtual Parent Academy. You are still able to use the chat box to shut out your school and to comment and ask. Questions. Please make sure to turn on your audio and video at the bottom of the screen. We want to make sure that you can see and hear the presentation. We will do a quick check to make sure that everyone has found the tools they need to access this presentation. You may use your pull buttons to answer the questions. I will be able to see all of your answers. Are there three icon buttons at the bottom of your page. Yes. Or no. Is the only blue icon button the headphone icon. Yes. Or no. Our sessions title is what’s your E I. I’d like to welcome Parker Antoine senior administrator of marketing for Orange Technical College teamed with Mark Stanakis founder and president of the Jobs Partnership viewers. Please remember that you may use the chat box to ask any questions. Parker and Mark are available to you this evening to answer the questions that you may have. Hello and welcome to a collaborative presentation from Job’s partnership in Orange Technical College. Throughout this presentation you will be given the tools and information to take the next step in your professional life and career. We appreciate you taking the time to participate in this parent Academy event and know you will learn valuable information. My name is Parker Antoine senior administrator for marketing and orange technical college and I am joined by Mark Stanakis founder and president of the Jobs Partnership. Since 1999 the Jobs Partnership has been equipping people to discover and pursue the job they were made for as president and co-founder of the organization I’m responsible for fundraising and developing strategic partnerships with churches businesses and community partners for collective impact through our 12 week life works training program. I’m a graduate of UCF and call central Florida home. I currently hold the title of Senior Administrator of marketing for Orange Technical College and the Career and Technical Education department of Orange County Public Schools the eighth largest school district in the country located in Orlando Florida. I also hold a bachelor of science and marketing from Florida State University and have been an educational marketing communications and advertising for over eight years now. I’ve spoken at numerous education conferences throughout the country sharing best practices in marketing and branding while sharing fresh perspectives on where and how to reach students in the digital age. I am passionate advocate of the power of technical education and broadening opportunities for students via a career in college pathways. Our goals for this virtual Parent Academy session are to better educate job seekers and parents looking for additional resources for education and support throughout our community. Throughout this session you’ll learn about soft skills and technical skills required to find established employment and career paths in the Central Florida job market. Jobs Partnership offers a comprehensive solution to help the underemployed and unemployed find a path to a better paying job through career planning soft skills training and the journey to discover your purpose. You can build a better future through one of our following paths address a barrier to employment pursue a job opportunity. Job growth in your current position or pursue career training. We partner with local churches businesses and community partners to offer a free training course called life works. We help our participants develop the soft skills and career planning skills needed to pursue a better job. Life works is offered two times a year in the spring and the fall at eight locations in Orange County. Founded in 1999 Jobs Partnership is a non-profit organization headquartered here in central Florida and dedicated to closing the skills gap and helping people discover their purpose for work. The jobs Partnership’s core values are based on the belief that all people were created and designed not to just work but to live a fruitful life. The organization’s work has proven that a good job not only restores dignity and purpose to our participants. The jobs Partnership’s mission is to help men and women discover and pursue the job they were created for. The jobs partnership offers the life or training career pathways community resource fairs and career fair events along with an online job site called our Orlando job connection as well as educational opportunities mentorship and programs and resources. All thanks to our valuable partnerships with churches volunteers employers community organizations and the generous financial supporters in our Florida community. OTC is a technical college located in Orlando and a part of Orange County Public Schools. Our goal is to provide technical training without burdening you with excessive debt. Our bottom line is student success. We want to give you the skills you need to become what you want to be through industry certification and training. Since 1933 we have continued to grow and evolve. Always focused on improving the lives of students and positively impacting workforce needs here in central Florida. Throughout our five technical college campuses you can learn the industry skills needed to start a whole new career attain your high school diploma become an apprentice learn English and even expand your current skills to make you more marketable to current employers. Our campuses are located in Avalon Park downtown Orlando South Orlando Winter Garden and winter park. Whether you are rolling in a career certificate program or an adult education class you can expect academic assessment to be a part of your educational process for each program offering. The Florida legislature mandates the assessment instruments to be used as well as the benchmarks to be achieved career certificate programs have established academic skill levels that must be achieved prior to awarding a career certificate. Adult education programs use academic assessment to determine initial placement and measure student progress throughout the program. You will find information on academic assessment on our website if you so choose. Florida’s adult education system includes a range of instructional programs that help adults get the basic skills they need to be productive workers family members and citizens. The major program areas include adult basic education adult high school G.D. preparation and Esau or English speakers of other languages. These programs emphasize basic skills such as reading writing math and English language competency. Adult education programs also help adult learners gain the knowledge and skills they need and succeed in post-secondary education. Adult learners enrolled in adult high school can earn a high school diploma or equivalent successfully passing the standard GED tests. Adult education programs are available to individuals that are 16 years or older are not enrolled or required to be enrolled in secondary school and do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent most programs enroll students every nine weeks. But all interested students should come in and speak with a counselor about upcoming start dates for their program of interest. If you’re looking to expand your skillset and marketability or make yourself a keener candidate for a new job or promotion enrolling in courses on campus may be the best way to do it. Applications for our industry certification programs are accepted on a non-discriminatory basis from anyone who has the interests ability and desire to learn from an occupational training program. Adult students must be 16 years of age like we said earlier and withdrawn from their home high school to be submitted into an orange technical college program with the exception of dual enrolled students through dual enrollment high school students will be able to earn college credit during their school day leaving room for extra curricular activities and clubs after school. High school students interested in attending an orange technical college program during their school day should speak with their career specialists or a counselor about dual enrollment opportunities on campus. As you can see on the slide Orlando is one of the hottest labor markets in the United States along with Austin Texas Salt Lake City San Jose California and Boston. This includes statistics like labor force participation unemployment rate wage growth and job growth. The Orlando region is number one in the nation for job growth according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Orlando Kissimmee Sanford metro area has continued its reign as the fastest growing job market in the U.S. in 2013 according to reports the Orlando metro area has added forty one thousand eight hundred jobs in the last year and achieved a rate of growth of over 3 percent when compared to other similar high growth areas like Phoenix Houston Austin and Las Vegas. Orlando topped out as the fastest growing metro in the nation continuing a trend since 2015. Not only this but Florida’s year over year job growth has exceeded the national average since May 2012. The state of Florida gained a total of two hundred and thirteen thousand six hundred jobs increasing that number by 2.5 percent during that time period. Nationally the number of jobs rose by 2 percent while tourism is considered by many to be the leader in Florida’s economy. The employment growth in the past year did not only come from our city’s world class tourism and hospitality sector but instead from the professional and business services category. These sectors combined for 39 percent of the growth adding sixteen thousand four hundred jobs closely followed by construction with 18 percent of the total growth adding 70 hundred jobs and then leisure and hospitality contributed 14 percent or fifty seven hundred jobs of year over year job creation. Orlando is fast becoming one of the hottest markets in the country for job growth. Some of the fastest growing industries with needs for skilled workers include hospitality and tourism like cooks chefs front desk workers custodial management and resort operations. Health care including medical assistance patient care technicians nurses home health aides health coordinators and more also the construction industry including carpentry building maintenance air conditioning electricity and welding advanced manufacturing includes modeling and simulation and machining business services like information technology accounting information data technician web development as orange technical college evolves into one of the leaders and technical education in the region. We’ll be focusing our curriculum around these coming industries with the U.S. unemployment rate hovering around 4 percent and almost half of working families in Central Florida looking for a better job. Why are many employers claiming they can’t fill their vacant positions. The answer. A skills gap that threatens the sustainability of businesses in our community. And while a big part of the skills gap is a shortage of people skilled with specific job skills there is also a gap in soft skills such as communication and leadership skills. Baby boomers are retiring in unprecedented numbers. The generations that followed the baby boom were smaller. So sheer number of workers available is smaller than those remaining may not have sufficient problem solving or communication skills. Employers tell us that they are seeking candidates with experience. This creates two issues. First technology in the world of work changed so rapidly that is difficult to find employees with experience in emerging technologies and work practices. Second if educational institutions employers and individuals aren’t keeping up with these changes the workforce will be left behind. Finally there may be infrastructure issues contributing to the mismatch. Many potential employees struggle with the issues such as transportation and affordable child care. Others might not live where the jobs are and can’t afford to relocate. Hiring managers typically look for job candidates with both specific hard skills and soft skills heart skills or job specific skills and knowledge you need to perform a job. But what are soft skills and how do they differ from hard skills hard skills or skills you can gain through education training programs certifications and on the job training. These are typically quantifiable skills that can be easily defined and evaluated. For example a hard skill for an I.T. professional might be computer programming while a hard skill for a carpenter might be knowledge of wood framing soft skills on the other hand or interpersonal skills. There are people skills and problem solving. These are much harder to define and evaluate. Soft skills include communication skills listening skills and conflict resolution among others. Soft skills are the personal attributes personality traits inherent social cues and communication abilities needed for success on the job. Soft skills characterize how a person interacts with his or her relationships with others like your boss and your co-workers. Unlike hard skills that are learned in a classroom soft skills are developed through good role models and training at home. Soft skills are not traditionally taught in a classroom but are caught through a network of healthy relationships. Soft skills include adaptability attitude communication creative thinking work ethic teamwork networking decision making positivity time management motivation flexibility problem solving critical thinking and conflict resolution. It’s easy to understand why employers want job candidates with particular hard skills. After all if you are hiring a carpenter he or she needs skills in carpentry. However soft skills are important to the success of all employers. After all nearly every job requires employees to get along with their boss co-workers and customers. Another reason hiring managers and employers look for applicants with soft skills is because soft skills are transferable skills that can be used regardless of the job at which the person is working. This makes job candidates with soft skills very adaptable employees. Soft skills are particularly important in customer base jobs. These employees will typically be in direct contact with customers. It takes good listening skills and conflict resolution to provide helpful customer service. Emotional intelligence is the ability to deal with other people by understanding one’s own feelings. A quote on this topic reads emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive emotions to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought to understand emotions and emotional knowledge and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth. There are five components of emotional intelligence per the mixed model self-awareness recognizing moods motivations and abilities self-regulation control one’s impulses motivation interest and learning and self-improvement empathy ability to understand people’s emotions and reactions and social skills the ability to pick up jokes sarcasm customer service maintain friendships and relationships and finding common ground with others. Emotional Intelligence can help when finding a job or career that suits your interests and skills. It can also help in the workplace when making relationships and productive working environments. Emotional intelligence is important for predicting success in life and particularly important in the workplace. EI is a valuable skill that helps improve communication management problem solving and relationships within the workplace. In certain environments employees with high levels of emotional intelligence may be better to cooperate with others manage work related stress solve conflicts within the workplace and learn from previous interpersonal mistakes. So why is emotional intelligence such a valuable workplace skill. According to one survey of hiring managers almost 75 percent of respondents suggested that they valued an employee’s EQ more than their IQ. Emotional intelligence is widely recognized as a valuable skill that helps improve communication management problem solving and relationships within the workplace. It’s also a skill that researchers believe can be improved with training and practice. Employers of today are looking for people who know how to perform the tasks that are needed. Many times people with degrees may not be best prepared for technical positions that require specific expertise. It can be very valuable to arm yourself with hard skills that could prepare you for immediate employment. You can always go on to higher education as well. Your first step to addressing your personal skills gap is to work out what you are good at and what you are less good at. Take a look at what skills are required for the jobs that you want and do a self-assessment against that criteria. Be honest with yourself. What are you good at and what are you not good at. Can you demonstrate that you are good at these skills. There are a number of tools online to help with this. For example use the interpersonal skills self-assessment to assess areas of weakness and strength or leadership skills questionnaire to find out what sort of leader you may be or where you could benefit from further development. If you think you lack basic numeracy skills take the National Numeracy challenge to see if this is the case. On average industry employment should grow 19 percent in Orlando by 2030 a full 10 percentage points faster than the United States average. The fastest growing industry in Orlando is expected to be home and health care services with a 64 percent increase in employment. This is not exclusive to Orlando as health care services will be the fastest growing industry across the United States. That includes specialty hospitals Family Services and assisted living services that are industries that will expand by more than 40 percent in Orlando as the region and United States population ages. Overall more than forty four thousand jobs will be created in health care and social assistance in the region. On the other hand there are industries in Orlando that will grow in unique ways compared to the top 30 MSA in the nation. For example manufacturing jobs in Orlando will increase by 6 percent compared to the top 30 EMRs which expect to see a 4 percent decrease. The region will also continue to significantly outpace the nation in construction jobs by about 8 percent overall. Orlando shares of the new industry growth will outpace national growth and legal services computer systems design air transportation spectator sports and engineering services. These industries are projected to account for a larger share of Orlando’s growth when compared to the nation and will provide a more abundant supply of local opportunities for the class of 2030. And ways that you may not see elsewhere in the nation. Demographic shifts that increased automation over the next decade will have huge implications for industries and the workforce of the future. By the time today’s first graders joined the workforce in 2030 they may be working in industries that do not currently exist. Additionally the skills demanded of them may be entirely different than those expected of today’s workforce. Life works as an innovative training course for men and women that are underemployed stuck in their job or unemployed. It’s a different kind of training that opens up a whole new world of career possibilities connecting you with the people and resources that can help prepare you for what you were created to do. We invite you to apply now for this no cost life changing training course our network of employers and community partners are waiting to meet you much more than an employability class. Life works is like a career boot camp with a team of friendly coaches. It’s based on the belief that all people were created and designed with particular strengths and a abilities for success in life and work. And the key to that success is when others show you the way a different better way. For example do you think you need a college degree to get into a good career during life training you’ll learn about specialized training you didn’t know existed for some of the hottest most in demand career fields you’ll get connected to people and resources that can help you discover where you could thrive to get you on the right path the way up is different than you think and life works is the first step. Interested in qualified candidates are referred by our network of churches and community agency partners like the parent Academy at Orange County Public Schools. The life works classes are currently offered twice a year at eight locations in Orange County. The life works training classes are staffed by trained volunteers from our network of church and employer partners to coach you in soft skills and career planning. Each class session focuses on a soft skill and career planning skill topic. Each night soft skills topics are faith based and taught by local pastors and business leaders. Lessons include instructions on topics like healthy relationships in the workplace and conflict resolution followed by small group discussion for personal application career planning topics or taught by local H.R. professionals. Lessons include a career assessment that forms the basis for a written career plan. Content also includes development of a resumé interviewing skills and how to do a job search. Each candidate is provided a free suit in preparation for their job search. The my plan assessment helps our participants take a personal inventory of their skills interests and personality and uses that information to help construct a career path. Whether you’re looking to change careers or just getting started. My plan will help you understand which careers match your skills the virtual customer simulation is a highly engaging simulation that immerses our students in the customer service role and lets you know as an employer if they have the skills to succeed on the job. As part of life works training process we host two private events for all of the participants enrolled in the program the resource fair and the career fair. Give our participants access to resources and relationships they need to pursue a job that will lead to a family sustaining wage at our career fair. Our participants make an appointment with career source to meet with a career counselor who will help them with job placement or assistance in going back to school for continuing education at Valencia or orange technical college. There they can earn a credential and may be placed in a full time job that has clearly defined career paths or graduation events celebrates the accomplishments of all of our participants and includes family friends and the volunteers that coach them through the process. The life work training was developed by the Jobs Partnership a nonprofit organization and is led by qualified and trained instructors community leaders and pastors. The course is valued at two thousand dollars. Yet it’s offered completely free to Qualified participants. Thanks to our generous financial partners it meets one evening per week for 12 weeks in locations throughout central Florida and includes access to coaches who help guide and encourage you throughout the course attending the course is just the beginning. You’ll attend exclusive events such as our career fair with our employer partners resource fair with our educational and community resource partners and so much more and you’ll have opportunities to meet and interview with our employer partners as well as access job postings as a preferred participant on our Orlando Job Connections Web site. As you complete the course you’ll be personally guided through our career pathways process to determine your next best step. You may also qualify for a specialized training for a high demand career or can apply for a career opportunities with our extensive network of employers. All of this and more is here for you. Providing a bridge not just to a new career but to a new life qualifications for participation in the life works class are high school diploma or GED. You must be a U.S. citizen with a right to work in this country stable housing the ability to read and write in English. No felony convictions in the past five years. No current drug or alcohol addictions. And most importantly a willingness to learn review the programs offering lists visit one of our five campuses Avalon mid Florida Orlando West Side or Winter Park for a face to face interview with an admission staff member download and complete an application and bring it to your campus of interest. Also complete any required testing for your program of choice and apply for financial aid if applicable through the FAFSA website you will also need to complete a campus orientation. Adult students must be 16 years of age or older and withdrawn from their home high school to be admitted into an orange technical college program. Some programs require that students are 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED. High school students interested in attending an orange technical college program on campus during their school day may contact their home high school counselor for more information. Please note programs are subject to change but please call one of our technical college campuses for the latest information. Thanks Parker and mark for teaming up to present this great information check the website at www.ParentAcademy.ocps.net to register for the upcoming Parent Academy and virtual Parent Academy dates. We’d love to see you there. Let’s do a quick fun review on the presentation you may use your poll buttons to answer the questions again I will be able to see all of your answers. Our first few questions will be true or false. Question 1 jobs partnership offers a comprehensive solution to help the underemployed underutilized and unemployed find a path to a better paying job. Please select True or false great job. Question 2 True or false. The major program areas for Orange technical college includes adult basic education adult high school and GED preparation and English for Speakers of Other Languages. Please select True or false. Everyone is doing great. Question 3. True. Or false. Orlando is quickly becoming one of the hottest markets in the country for job growth. Please select True or false. This is great. This will be our final question for this evening. Are you ready. Question 4 true. Or false. Emotional intelligence is the ability to deal with other people by understanding one’s own feelings. Please select. True. Or false. I’m so thrilled that there was a big takeaway from our presentation tonight. Let’s take a moment to hear a message from Orange technical college. Meet Liefke Meyers. Through life’s journey. Leifke decided she needed more education to provide for her family. She enrolled in the night school program at Orange technical college to earn her GED. Which changed her life. Let’s have a look at her journey to success. Remember, you can follow Parent Academy on social media on Twitter at hashtag OCPS parent Academy and we’d love you to like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/OCPSParentAcademy. Don’t forget that under the virtual parent Academy tab on the parent Academy Web site we house all of the previously recorded sessions. Therefore if you’ve missed any of our sessions thus far this year or would like to read watch a session they are available to you. Thank you for tuning in to the OCPS virtual Parent Academy. We will see you here on February 20th two thousand twenty for our third episode of our virtual parent Academy on the topic of all things technical. Have a great rest of your evening.

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