Orthodontic Braces Can Be Prevented with Nutrition

What if I told you that crooked teeth
are caused by your diet? It sounds strange right? We’ve been programmed to think that crooked teeth are normal, genetic or inherited. But I’m here to tell you that that’s simply not true. My mission is to teach you how to use
nutrition for naturally straight and healthy teeth which is the key for an
overall healthy body. For a long time as a dentist I believed that crooked teeth were our destiny. In my practice, I would see crooked teeth and treatment plan for braces to straighten a child’s smile. Problem fixed, right? But I soon began to think that somewhat something was very wrong. It started with an uncomfortable moment I experienced my dental practice. Parents would ask the same question: Why does my child need braces? I would always pause, look in a child’s
mouth and say, “Well, it’s inherited.” Well the evidence behind the genetic basis of crooked teeth has simply not eventuated. Our jaws and skeletal structures aren’t
growing properly. A quick look through our anthropological history confirms that crooked teeth have occurred in a geological blink of an eye. Crooked teeth is the single biggest health problem on the planet and we need to solve it. We are a species with amnesia that has effectively forgotten how to feed ourselves. Braces are a superficial veneer that creates straight smiles without addressing the underlying root cause of disease. The same process that cause crooked teeth cause impacted wisdom teeth and even tooth decay and gum disease. Your jaws and bony architecture of your
face supports strong and tighten airways. Your teeth ar a cardinal sign of mineral balance, a core process in your body. The oral microbiome is a direct communicator with the gut microbiome. Via our mouth and our food, we speak to our entire body right down to our genes. Dental health is a beautifully simply way to understand how to achieve lifelong health. When you model a diet for straight strong teeth, the rest of your body falls into place. I wrote in The Dental Diet and created The Healthy Mouth Healthy Body program to help you take back your oral health.

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  1. Will be interssting to see what japanese kids eat to cause crooked teeth … the natto is good for k2 but maybe they are not eating enough crunchy veggies ?

  2. Thanks Dr Lin for making this video. I’ve never had cavities before and never worn braces as a kid but now that I’m approaching 30, I noticed a gap on my bottom front teeth. I worry it will require braces. I’m told it’s normal with age but I wonder if I can stop my gap from growing bigger with your diet? I’m thinking of ordering your book but haven’t yet as I wonder if there is new information not already presented in Weston A Price’s book.

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