Ozzy Man Reviews: Yoga Fails

Let’s get in touch with our mind and body everyone. Yeah nah this week, we’re slowing things down with yoga. My first tip is that it’s really important to remember your breathing… I believe the words she said under those censorship bleeps were fuck and shit. Now she’s saying “Strewth. That bloody hurt. Why am I doing this? Who even am I? I smell like tiger balm and I need an ice pack.” That’s it. Relax the neck. Your brain is a calm blue ocean. Prepare your palms. Your hands are a dry sandy desert. Imagine your goals, aspirations, and ambitions. Imagine achieving them. Throw away all ya negative energy and ya problems. Raise your arms, charge towards a wall, hit it, and create new problems! Dogs take yoga very seriously. This one’s like: “Jennifer, you call that downward dog? Yeah, nah, put your balls into it. Make sure they salute the sun. I’m a dog, so yeah, I think I know how to do this pose properly. Oh the Invasive Starfish pose. Clearly this can be done anywhere! If you find yourself getting angry in peak hour traffic then yeah, just jump out of the car and start doing a three hour session to pass the time. “How many times do we have to go over this, Karen? Stretch your leg and HOOOLD. I could do it all year if I wanted to, I just have other shit to do is all. But it’s easy peasy. Don’t get cute with me.” Quit doing Yoga! Quit doing Yoga and play with me or I will straight up grab you in the Donald Trump, DONE. Steady breathing, Steady breathing. Steady breathing… Aw here’s a couple doing yoga together. Vomit. If I had to come up with a name for this particular pose I’d call it: Fuck Me That Drone is Awfully Close Ouch It Got Me. It’s a long name but it’s easy to remember. “Let’s do Yoga together” she said. “It will be super-duper relaxing.” she said. There is no way this guy does not wish he was at the pub smashing a mid strength beer and a steak sandwich right now. Dear me! Expert level unlocked. Fresh air PLUS yoga. Yeah this woman is attempting the bridge pose, quite literally on a bridge. There’s absolutely no chance of anything going wrong. She’s arching her back, she’s breathing, she’s doing everything right but her left leg is being an arsehole. She puts it down, regroups, inhales, exhales, tries to lift it again…actually, I no longer think this is part of the pose, I think she’s 100% stuck. She slowly tries to get unstuck and falls in the river. Unfortunately, there will be no Instagram content recorded for her today. Overall, this pug is my spirit animal. This is pretty much what I do when I get invited to a yoga class. And then I get kicked out and banned for life… which is fair enough.

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  1. I don’t think that shiela needs much concentration on her “ass-pirations”. She seems to have achieved quite a bit in that area.

  2. Why would anyone record themselves doing this?? Can you just imagine what they are thinking, ok I will record myself, so I can then rewatch it later at home

  3. I have never understood the "filming yourself do yoga" videos… I mean unless you are in the nude… Then I'm completely understandable

  4. Wow video clip I really liked I also do lots of streams and gives lots of fun info on happy topic that there is another one like you in the field

  5. So I've recently subbed to Ozzy man and I regret not having discovered him earlier. I'd really appreciate if you good folks could point me out to his best stuff. Peace

  6. 😂🤣😂 Always laugh when people who think they’re “COOL” record themselves and come undone. 😂🤣😂 Think the Pug raising his leg near the end sums it all up beautifully 😂🤣😂

  7. Ozzy man im watching the news and I'm hoping you and your family/friends are safe brotha ,Australia is on fire bad right now, as a exwildland firefighter i say please stay safe and listen/follow the warnings if need be

  8. This has nothing to do with the video, but I just saw on the news that the fires in Australia are getting even worse with a number of deaths already. I hope you, your family, and all your countrymen are safe and this fire is over soon. Thank you so much Ozzy Man for all the awesome content and comedy you bring to the world. May 2020 be even more exciting.

  9. I’m impressed by Ozzy Man’s speech at the beginning lol. He could be a motivational speaker or a spiritual guru 😂

  10. Well, another creator I once watched. You should pass this on to the others, run your mouth about other countries leaders, and you just may lose subscribers. Tired of fucking hearing it! Can’t get away from shit talkers no matter the channel! It was fun…

  11. Yoga practitioners, like in this video, are so bendy because it makes it easier to self-satisfactorily sniff their own farts.

  12. Hey Ozzy Man, I was telling my gf about you (she's in ozz right now) and was thinking you're kind of imitating some classic ozzy sports commentator but I have no idea who that would be. Is there a person you're kind of going for stylistically?

  13. Why is everyone hating on yoga in the comments? It's a legit healthy, fun, challenging activity. I don't see the problem here. But I do understand the attention whores but other than that, what?

  14. Ozzy Man, you'll probably never see this, but speaking as someone from the other side of the world, I just want to reach out and express my heartfelt condolences to anyone and everyone affected by the fires raging through Australia! I can't even imagine the fear and loss that is sweeping through your country. The information regarding damages is unsettling, 9 million acres burnt, half a billion animals affected, 18 confirmed human deaths with 30 missing. 1500 homes/businesses are now gone. We need to help.

    Are you currently, or will you be collecting to support Australian services during this crisis? I believe your videos inspire and bring joy to so many people all over the world, its only fair for us to give back and support those who desperately need it!

    Hope to hear from you, I believe you could help tremendously by making a video of the services within Australia that need funding. The world is already watching you, please ask for help!

    – A concerned sheila from Canada

  15. Ozzy could you do a review on the Soap Girls music band! Check em out lots of material to work with there lol 😂!

  16. Hey Ozzy man. Just hoping you're ok with the fires. California firefighters are on the way to help. We burn the fuck down in the summer too. Be safe! ❤️

  17. Our New Zealand skies are tainted by a nightmarish orange glow from those fierce bush fires in Australia. Ozzy man, I hope you and your family are safe and sound.

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