President Trump: We’ll Give $1 Million To Our Veterans If You Go Vegan For January. Deal?

– President Trump, I’m Evan, President of Animal Hero Kids, and I’d like to make you an offer. We will give $1 million to the veterans if you go vegan for January. We want to Make America Healthy Again and eating plant-based foods is a great place to start. Our veterans get $1 million and you get to eat great vegan food. Mr. President, do we have a deal?

5 Replies to “President Trump: We’ll Give $1 Million To Our Veterans If You Go Vegan For January. Deal?”

  1. If this is a real challenge, could it be possible that
    an adult in this child's life has planted this seed inside his head and allowed him to make a video that calls out our POTUS.
    This is absolutely rediculous!
    Why not just donate the money without "challenging, testing, and disrespecting our President?
    A donation is supposed to be a personal act of kindness from your heart not something you impose with stipulations based upon another human beings willingness to participate.
    "I'll do this if only you'll do that, but if you don't do that then I won't do anything and it will be all your fault that the Veterans won't get helped"
    Completely childish, disgusting and not from the heart of charity at all!
    If this child wants to have a vegan diet it's because his parents have raised him this way, and that's perfectly okay, why though should that be imposed on someone else particularly the Leader of our Country who should be attending to much more important matters?
    If Trump were to do this, that would be a sign of weakness because he would be willfully allowing himself as a leader to be manipulated by a child

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