Rug Doctor Troubleshooting: No Suction

No Suction If you have no suction this will mean your carpet is very wet to touch and there is no dirty water in the white tank. If your carpet is dry please refer to our “No Spray” video. Here are some simple checks you can carry out in order to rectify the situation. Refer to “Loss of Suction” label located on the clear dome on the machine. Check you have turned the black switch on the head of the machine to carpet cleaning ON. Or if you have the Hand Tool connected then the opposite way towards ‘Hand Tool ON’ Is the vacuum hose disconnected at the back of the machine? To connect lift the hose upwards then place into the lower grey cuff to connect together. Make sure the filter inside the clear dome is not clogged with excess fluff. Remove the filter by pushing the spring against the clear plastic wall of the dome. Remove any fluff or debris that is clogging the outside of the filter. If necessary run the filter under a tap to remove debris then refit the filter into the clear dome. Is the clear dome sitting airtight against the white tank? Check this by pulling down the retaining wire and repositioning the dome then replacing the wire, making sure it seals and fits tightly with no air gaps. After carrying out these simple checks the Rug Doctor machine should work as normal. If not please call our customer services team on 0800 800 245.

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