The rescue of the tigers pt 1: departure – EN / PL subs

I am David van Gennep, managing director of AAP.. ..and I am in Poland, at Poznan Zoo.. ..for a very bizarre case. It concerns a tiger transport.. Animals that left from Rome. Ten animals, that were stowed in a truck in
way too cramped cages Without care.. without proper food It is a case that made international headlines.. Especially because one of the tigers
didn’t survive the transport. When the transport truck arrived at the
Poland – Belarus border.. ..the transport was stopped. The transport did not meet animal welfare
requirements in any way. Eventually they were confiscated. ..and temporarily accommodated here in Poznan Zoo. Here they were cared for. And five of the nine surviving animals
are now ready to go to AAP. As always it was quite a hassle
to get the papers in order.. ..hence it took a few weeks –
but today it is time. And we are here to meet the zoo vet that will help sedating the animals. This animal had nothing to eat.. nothing to drink. This animal was desperate.. could not turn around. Could not lay down properly.. could not stand up. This is a closed steel cage.. ..a cookie jar.. ..and they just locked the animal inside. In the end the animal died alone
without having seen any light. That is nothing short of terrible. That’s touching.. gruesome.. These animals were not supposed to survive. These animals were destined to die. The vet just told me that he is convinced these animals are worth more dead than living. They almost succeeded. Fortunately the Polish and Belarussian authorities
have intervened. They stopped the animals.. ..and now they are heading towards a bright future. This is Softi and it is clear that this
animal is still very stressed. She is hiding completely in the litter. She sleeps a lot.. makes no contact.. hisses. She is excited now too.. I very much hope we can make her life
better in Primadomus. Behind me is Toph, and we understand this is
the most gentle of the bunch. She makes contact.. makes noises.. ..essentially a very friendly animal. Here walks Merida.. She was very restless from the start. She responds very strongly on
every move and sound she hears. You can see that she is pacing all the time
along the mesh. This is Sanson.. The caretakers have come to know Sanson as
an animal that is very wary. A big, mighty animal.. ..keeping a close eye on us. And at the same time he can lay on his back, paws in the air – like a cat. Just playing, moving around his legs. Here we have Aqua.. Aqua is the biggest of the tigers we are taking with us. Imagine this one was in the smallest cage in the truck.. I mean.. how can someone think of that? The sedation is now prepared. Which means the injections are made ready.. it is an anesthetic.. ..that arrow goes into the weapon.. ..and will be fired. Everything went well, Softi is now in the crate. They will now apply some antisedan. That is used to wake them up faster, which is nice. Because the shorter the animals are sedated
the less could go wrong. It is cold.. late.. ..and we are almost done. But for the animals behind me
the journey is only getting started. Sanson, Merida, Aqua.. Toph, Softi.. still have to make the long trip to Spain. But it is a journey with a beautiful ending. These animals will get a fantastic future. We will do everything in our power to
make them real tigers again. But we will need help. We can’t do that alone. Taking good care of such a big tiger costs a rough
75 Euros per animal per day. We need help from you, the public. So help us, help these animals. To get a tiger worthy life again. Help Softi.. help Toph.. Merida, Aqua or Sanson. They deserve is so much.

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  1. Thank you so much for the English version.I have a request. One of the tigers is SaMson and you give his twisted name SaNson since yesterday.Is that his name now?

  2. David said: "We've been told that Toph is the kindest of the group …"Hahahaha!!! Because she really is! ?She makes contact, wants to come and say hello and even the glass doesn't discourage her. I hope that one day I will volunteer with you. Thank You❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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