What about kids, I’m FER ACEVEDO,
Welcome back to my channel. I was here preparing the backpack since today
We started training seriously today we finally started training
hardly. First we will go to train with @annafitcool, I think it will be very cool. And then, we will take
a pachanguilla with the kids of Guerrero Futsal So, let’s do this Well before I want to show you this. My friends sended it to me — The truth is that they have made my day They sended to me
This thermogenic training.
The truth is, this is very strong. lets see, how it works And they have sent me this proteins Also I leave in describing the
Product link thank
these guys for how well they have ported me. And thank
also by how well behaved with you. They have passed a code discount for the website you are going to have a 20% discount,
so, run to their website and take a look, i´m sure there is something
you like. He has also sent me this t-shirt
so I’ll put it now and i´ll go train Hi I am Ana tell us, what are we doing today? let’s make a small
circuit core, biceps and triceps. We start with biceps. This is for you, Fer That´s all folks. Like and comment And don´t forget to see the
description and use the discount code you have. See you next video!!

14 Replies to “Training Day #1 “ENTRENAMIENTO CON @ANNAFITCOOL Y GUERRERO FUTSAL” Fitness y Futsal”

  1. Sup dude do you remember me my name is markko and i was always watching your goalkeeper videos when i was 10

  2. que grande que eres Fer Acevedo. Aunque siempre hagas muchas locuras se te quiere y se te echa de menos por aqui

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