WE MOVE INTO A HOUSE (break from van life)

we’re Eamon and Bec and we love living
in our van in fact in the past two years of living in this tiny home on wheels we
can count on one hand the number of times we’ve checked into a hotel or
Airbnb but every once in a while there’s a good reason or two to upgrade our
square feet for the first week in Portugal we have fun playing house and
with all the extra time we gain by not searching for fresh water or a hot
shower we managed to get up to a heck of a lot who are these people? people. Rebecca’s sister
Bruce’s mom aka JT van aka Bruce’s dad another reason we’re in this Airbnb is
because Trinity required a full-service beach so we’re Uber-ing everywhere what’s
a full-service B? we hop in the car and drove 20 minutes into the city centre to
check out the thieves market now the myth is these sellers they stole all
their goods on the blog on YouTube blog? yeah you do you know you to make me talk
about some low-hanging fruit anyone can get away with wearing that with no
judgment it’d be Eamon I don’t know okay this market takes place every Tuesday
and Saturday and it is very much a flea market so unless you’re looking to just
kind of tinker around and find something I didn’t know a little unique that you
don’t quite need I don’t know if you need this market it’s so cheap but there
is a lot of cool stuff yeah it’s fun like it’s fun to go walk around and
“bom dia” get harassed the market was great but we are gonna move on
we’re gonna take you quickly to one of our favorite neighborhoods we checked
out on the first day where you’re hearing about Alfama welcome to Alfama this is the oldest
standing neighborhood in Lisbon in 1755 there was a massive earthquake that
turned into a tsunami and took out a lot of the lower parts…the mic fell… okay
do you want to say all those houses and things so they’ve been reconstructed
this is the only neighborhood that is as it was pre 1755 so it’s very old the
streets are very small you don’t see much car traffic or anything like that
1 Euro. so this is liquer made from cherry and I
think it’s more traditional to take it from a shot glass of chocolate or that’s
more touristy I don’t know she’s so mad at me… staring at me now the really tricky part of Alfama is
finding your way outside of this little neighborhood streets are really tight
not really labeled so it’s a gonna be an adventure you pass one shop that looks
same same another shop I mean I’m cheating and I’m on Google maps and I still can’t
figure it out and we’re back at the pad we are a little bit crunched for time
we’re supposed to check out at 12 the cleaners are here we need to wrap things
up and then we’re gonna go pick up the van you’re probably wondering why even
why is it so quiet here siesta oh I knew it I said to you call them beforehand
and when you said no I felt like you already knew his room that we weren’t
picking it up at noon I’m just like this for 5:00 p.m. really yeah
no I’m feeling good about 5:00 p.m. so on the bright side there is a restaurant
that we’ve actually wanted to go to in this area so we’ve just called an uber
it’s called Miss Saigon and it made it on a list someone sent me for the top
vegan restaurants in all of Europe and it’s just like this little dive so we’re
super excited to check that one out we’ll check you there huge bummer this
place was so hip it hurts too they only open from noon till 4:00 new plan so I need Union we found a pizza place
for life thanks Mel for finding it for us
gluten-free vegan cheese happy campers one for venture okay you guys ready mine
back you man where’s JT to our unexpected wait
whereabouts get the bill oh I think 800 euro we’re talking here oh yeah thousand
euro if it’s over that I will avert attack
my hope is 950 euro no more I’m gonna go with 1350 euro so both very high it’s
higher than all of us by 500 euros wasted their the labor cost was 600
euros alone get a pair of bells with love kids
in the end the band needed a lot more work than we thought we had all new
brakes as well as some issues with the steering column but we’re all sorted and
these guys did hook it up we’re done spending money we’re leaving this
parking lot until next week and we’re leaving we’re going to Lagos which is
like Massimino that’s those today tows autos I’m only doing Spanish a month in
Portuguese I’ve noticed our goal of today is to fit in just as
much as possible in the Algarve area from sunrise to sunset oh yeah whoo welcome to the Benegal cave this was
just a quick 200 meter hot off from the beach yeah whatever they tell you about
meaning to take a boat tour is obviously round there people swimming with rafts
people just kind of getting here on their own and it’s amazing to be here
for sunrise well Gabe laminal coming in pretty hot we’re good we’re good we’re gonna get
washed and free it’s really tight cuz we got all of our winter gear up here now
so you really need to stand on here but bedros roof rack is still holding up in
case you’re wondering it needs a new paint job just to give you guys some
perspective you can see all the tours are leaving now it’s about 9 a.m. we’ve
already come and gone which is awesome yet the kids doing just
getting changed come on children we’ve been making breakfast for everyone most
mornings like a coconut yogurt with fruit and all that kind of good I don’t
know weed for breakfast ik listen you guys know what I make for breakfast it’s
my specialty every single day yes and coffee but we thought it would
be fun we’re doing a full day out today so let’s go hit up some coffee and
breakfast ok beneath Oh my girl here is not the best with
Heights or cliff jumping but it’s all about seeking discomfort and you have to
do one thing every day that scares you I’m not sure we chose the optimum foot
attire here Oh and good morning to you what happened to
you buddy total game changer so I think as you can see there’s a common theme in
the videos now we are full on CS the people it’s one of the beautiful pluses
of checking into an air B&B for this week too is that we can do that in the
middle of the day without sweating buckets and buckets I mean having a
shower and rinsing off and using a white towel for your hair
there are a few different benefits but we’ve been enjoying our time with Mel
and JT she talks a bit of a lazy addict getting you into some bad habit well
look at the vain I’m clearly happy from my nap bike this is my happy being
everybody okay so the benefit of getting up at 5:00 in the morning is that even
when you Emma siesta you have a whole second half of your day so let’s get up
and crush it let’s go this place was about fifty bucks per person very nice
though we’ve got a second floor balcony full kitchen TV Netflix the deals hello
friends come on how you going did you guys have a nap
too yes beautiful ready for the day where are we
going kid we are headed to Oldtown Lagos yeah we’re gonna check out the scene we
haven’t really done yet Melissa and we’re gonna go to lighthouse
for sunset I’m really excited I’m Alyssa straight up ready for Burning Man
looking baby I don’t know if anyone wants to watch me oh that’s the thing oh
you’re a good looking man I would watch you all night long I don’t know how to
hold it near my face I feel like I’m looking down the hall talking this like
this yeah okay we are officially passing on the duties
of the vlog to melon GT for the rest of your evening
yeah so now let’s go we’re just no hold it get away
there you go okay guys so we are in Old Town Lago it’s just walking around
before sunset because you want to exploit right exactly mellow like cork
is the number one export in Portugal in the member water should I back check
that I think we check that yeah I feel like that’s just the JT fag and here we
go like you’re supposed to bring their
products not even in the top pot number one is
cars Google dude how many companies horses check Google processed petroleum
oils automotive car parts and footwear bracket some leather Oh course bro all
obscene is cork we’ve arrived at the most peaceful
private little spot cliffs to watch the sunset and I hardly believe I found this
place we’re just kidding it’s really touristy but it is beautiful all it ever
takes is a 5-minute walk off the beaten track and you can have a spot all to
yourself so journey on and there we go we’ve got our own little explore Airbnb
and we’re taking full advantage of this amazing oven setup it’s the night we
enforce ago but we Italian now you guys have probably never seen us make these
but Beck and I self-proclaimed Pizza professionals all of sun-dried tomato
green peppers mushroom cheese a little bit of dusting of oregano and chili
flakes and the cheese were trying today is real life it comes as a block
mozzarella and it shreds down pretty decent why can’t be doing this good morning everybody
we have been up had a beautiful cup of coffee a great workout with our fitness
coach Melissa my sister and we’ve just checked out of the air bees beats we’re
going on our last adventure to the beach as a squad up for everyone ready I’m
back I’m making healthy breakfast for the squad okay we probably shouldn’t
have hung out in the van mid breakfast this Beach is now hacked it’s not even
11:00 o’clock thank you
so this is what happens when we leave the boys to plan we are down definitely
like a pedestrian-only Street okay that nice man said we going straight ahead so
hopefully Trinity will get out here and skate and all these beautiful
pedestrians who are out for their Friday stroll also make it out alive there’s
one thing even asked me to do every single place we stopped its to go
go-karting so it’s exciting to go go-karting three-two-one we’re just gonna do a quick interview
with the podium winners here seeing as I’m fourth I’ll be the interviewer this
evening this afternoon what do you think you can improve for next time to really
just amp up to the next level you know it really is about just not breaking
just gonna let the car ride it out and feeling really good about that what can
you give as a piece of advice to someone like me who was in fourth place there
yeah from an experienced driver like myself I would think that coming into
the corners you think drifting my fields were faster i later found a case so Eamonn he’s quite the competitor yeah I
think the proofs in the pudding and if you check your time sheet Fuli one there
so you know whatever it’s all factual you know what the spin-out was a little
bit dramatic we we were really going hard in the paint and you know I really
boxed her out so she had nothing left to do and hopefully we can get a replay on
that one thanks to my team at India Forest Force India for my two second box
really bringing that time down really pops with my skirt all right tuning into
baseball let’s go apologies for the audio there are some actual racers out
on the track right now Hey I mean professional getting paid to do it
you’ll be there soon anywho the four of us have had a little snack now we’re
gonna cruise on back to Lisbon because these guys have to catch a flight
tomorrow it’s already been a week today doesn’t feel quite the same here
I’m really gonna miss them we’re so lucky to have my brother and
then my sister visit us this summer it’s meet it says where’s Damon’s family how
come they don’t come anytime but honestly I loved having them but I
missed living in the van totally last night a man and I slept in the van while
Malin jakey checked into a hotel and we both had an amazing sleep we super
sketchy and there was this guy who’s like you want me to watch the van yeah
it’s free to park here but if I’m gonna watch the van excited to be back in the
van full time and continue this journey we will catch you guys next week see you
Sunday my back little last thing to tell you guys my sister brought out something
that we’ve been designing and working on and we’re really excited about them so
hold on tell them baby boom we got two new stickers for you we want to give
them for free we don’t want to charge you for stickers so what I did on my
Instagram is we give away both stickers if you order anything on chai wallah and
you guys went ham you loved it so we’re gonna extend that for the next 48 hours
from now if you order anything on chai wallah chai com we’re gonna include both
stickers for it so this is what the sticker looks like we’ve got aiming in
the driver’s seat me in the passenger’s seat little aiming him back I think it’s
really cute okay we’re in a bus all right let’s go when will that be myself

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