What is Brain Wash? (Dr. David Perlmutter Explains) | Thrive Market

Guess what? Your lifestyle choices are
really fundamentally important in determining the destiny of your brain.
Over the last six years since Grain Brain was published, Austin Perlmutter – he and I were talking about, you know we have this great information about the
cornerstone of what’s making us sick. As it relates to the brain, had to do with
our consumption of higher levels of sugar and refined carbohydrates. What we try to do is to impart that information on anyone who will listen, like patients;
and then hope for the best and that’s where the breakdown occurs
because we know that 50, 60, 70 percent of the good information that we are giving
to our patients isn’t carried out. We realized we need to explore the idea of
decision making. Having inflammation around threatens our ability to make
good decisions so we make worse decisions as it relates to getting
enough sleep, eating the right foods, and what does that do – increases inflammation. So creates this vicious cycle where people are in a spiral. What’s happening
to people these days is they’re becoming disconnected; and yes disconnected from
each other, but I think in the deepest sense – what we described in the book
called Disconnection Syndrome – is disconnecting from that part of the
brain that is the adult in the room. The prefrontal cortex allows us to conceive
of things like the future, to make good decisions, to be empathetic towards each
other as opposed to that part of the brain that is much more impulsive. The
health consequences of being disconnected to our DNA are very real.
So in Brain Wash we provide a lot of ways of getting involved to help reconnect to
the prefrontal cortex. We focus on sleep, we focus on nature, we focus on
meditation, on re-establishing relationships, on using our
digital experiences more mindfully. We are reconnecting it will allow us then
to make better decisions moving forward and that is the game changer that we are
looking for.

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