World’s Strongest Man – Nutrition Tips From Thor Bjornsson’s Coach

10 Replies to “World’s Strongest Man – Nutrition Tips From Thor Bjornsson’s Coach”

  1. Great vid guys, love following Seb on the gram and we are keen to get stuck into the Vertical Diet in 2019 🙂

  2. Interesting he mentions minced beef but it makes sense as its easier to digest than a slab of beef. I guess they buy steaks and have those minced down?

  3. Minced beef and white rice doesnt sound too hard. I'll get into packing in calories after I just learn how to work out first lol… getting started late in life.

  4. 3:12 "The Best Guys Are Shredded" – Daniel "DC" Cormier aka Champ Champ aka Baddest Man On The Planet Disagrees ! 😎

  5. Diet tips, do you see the size of him? If I as climber eat like he suggests. Then I would never climb again… only die from stroke.

  6. Greens can cause oxalates and oat meal can lower cholesterol too much if abused which in case lowers testosterone because test is made from cholesterol. Thor with roids and his genetics could eat micky dees and burger king and will still do better in strong man!!! Protein in and protein out just add roids and calories

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