Wrinkles the Fitness Coach Skit

[Morning Mood plays while Steven snores] [Army Horn plays and Steven wakes up in a panic] Wake Up Maggot! What’s wrong with you!? You’ve been sitting on your hindquarters for too long. I’m going to whoop your keister in shape boy! Alright maggot before we whip you into shape you need some breakfast! Can you stop yelling? Sorry. So what’s for breakfast? That. You want me to drink eggs? It’s the breakfast of champions! No. Wheaties is the breakfast of champions! That is the breakfast from chickens! You’re drinking the eggs. No i’m not. You’re drinking the eggs! Alright, first we’re going to do some… What are you doing? Putting in music. Well if you do that you won’t be able to listen to me. That’s kind of the point. You little maggot you make me want to vomit!
Now get moving! How long are we going to keep doing this? Until you make better life choices! Can you at least feed me something? You’ve only been feeding me water and eggs. That’s not a bad idea. Let’s go out and eat. Let me do the talking. Welcome to Burgerland. How can I help you? Can I get 2 Monster Combo Meals and an Extra Large Chocolate Shake? I can’t have that! I know that’s for me… Can I also get a water and some apple slices? $25.50 at the next Window! [Wrinkles groaning] So what next? do 10 jumping… [starts snoring] [Morning Mood Plays while Wrinkles snores] [Army Horn plays and Wrinkles wakes up in a panic]

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